Feeling Pretty Special

Ever since I began watching birds, the Rose Breasted Grosbeak was among my favorites.  Waiting patiently each Spring for it to make it's appearance, I'd catch a glimpse every now and then.  That was both when we lived in CT and VA.

They never stuck around long.  Maybe a week or so.

Much to my surprise, this year for whatever reason they hung around for weeks.  Taken in June, some of the pix are not the best, but they sure made me smile...:)

Here it is nearly the end of July and I still have them.

Scratching and picking at the seed on the ground and at the feeders.

Although I don't know if they nested, I do see them fly into the woods through the underbrush.

Did you know that they build flimsy nests?
Find more here:  Rose Breasted Grosbeak
And maybe they did nest here.
  I saw that CT is one of their nesting territories with woodlands and brush.
Believe me, we have both!

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Never seen any in our yard, so enjoyed seeing your captures, JP.
Monkeywrangler said…
We don't seem to have a lot of the pretty birds around here. I mostly see sparrows, starlings and mockingbirds. However the birds of prey are more intriguing around here.
Anonymous said…
You have a wealth of bird life in your area. This year we are seeing more birds of prey.
Great shots! Happy Saturday :-)
TexWisGirl said…
yay! awesome! i only get to sneak a rare peek if they come thru on migration.
MadSnapper said…
in one of the photos he looks patriotic, like he is red, white and blue...
FAB said…
You have the habitat and provide a free larder so I'm not surprised they decided to stay.
diane said…
Wonderful shots. They are so interesting and amusing to watch.
Jeanne said…
Such lovely shots and how fortunate you were to see this up so close!
What good photos! I've seen them occasionally here, but they never stay around--I guess they like your eats better! :-)
Angela said…
I love that bird too! The first time I seen on here at our house I didn't know what he was called. So I named him the Tuxedo Bird because he looks like he is wearing a tuxedo! So handsome isn't he!
Felicia said…
they are beautiful birds and you captured them very well.
Stewart M said…
Great looking bird - I can see why you wait to see this one in your garden!

Sorry about the much delayed reply - I've been in the UK for a month and I let the blog sit on the back burner - normal service will resume soon!

Stewart M - Melbourne
eileeninmd said…
One of my favorite birds, they are beautiful. Lucky you to have them sticking around.. I only see them passing thru.. Thanks for linking up, have a happy Sunday!
Ann said…
What a pretty bird that is. I've never seen one around here. I know how exciting it is to see a new one show up at the feeders though
It is great that this year you had the pleasure of these birds longer than usual. It is very beautiful.
Anonymous said…
They are great to watch! I do enjoy them as well.

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