High Energy

Hearing my son's ringtone while I was driving to the gym made me smile even before I picked up. He and Mia would be coming by to spend some time with the Pres and I later that morning. 

While pumping the elliptical, I thought of what I could whip up when I got home...coleslaw, potato salad and macaroni salad for sides with sandwiches, burgers, sausage patties. Yep, that will work...:) Sons are easy to please!

Fast forward to 11:30 am

Mia asked if we could:
make cookies...chocolate ones this time...no problem (except for the flour and cocoa that exploded all over the island when she hit [HIGH] instead of [LOW] on the mixer...LOL!)
ride in the golf cart...and go really, really fast...no problem...
scream as we careened down the hill...no problem...:)
check on Percy, the gnome...no problem...
take a walk with Grandpa...no problem...
set the table for lunch together

We laughed and talked about the remodeling of their kitchen, asking what we could do to help.  A "to do" list for the Pres and I was formulated and we headed there Saturday with the necessary tools.

Fast forward to my son and Mia hitting the road (5:30pm).

Ahhhh....I can actually lie down on the couch for a bit even though it's nearly suppertime.

MEANWHILE:  The night before we were not home so when I played the answering machine it said, "Are you guys in bed already? It's only 6:30. Give me a call."  It was our neighbors down the road...the ones who made the Strawberry Rhubarb pie.  (to protect the innocent, they are now known as Luke and Laura.)

The Pres returned their call after my son left because we'd been busy all day.  It was now 6:00pm Wednesday. At 6:30, the doorbell rang.  

This time they brought a Blueberry Ricotta Squares!  Not overly sweet but with a cheesecake texture....holy moosepoops...DELICIOUS!  

Wishing I could take credit for her recipe, I cannot.  However, Laura gave me the okay to share it with you and those at

Blueberry Ricotta Squares

1 cup flour
3/4 c sugar                                              
1 1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/3 cup milk
1/4 c shortening
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla

In small mixing bow, mix flour, sugar, baking powder & salt.  Add milk, shortening, egg & vanilla.  Beat on low until combined.  Beat on medium for 1 minute.  Pour batter into 9x9x2 inch baking pan and spread evenly.

1 1/2 cups fresh (or partially thawed frozen) blueberries-Sprinkle blueberries over batter.

2 eggs
1 14/ c ricotta
1/3 c sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla

In a medium mixing bowl, lightly beat eggs with fork.  Add ricotta, sugar and vanilla.  Beat until combined.  Spoon ricotta mixture over blueberries and spread evenly.

Bake @ 350 for 55-60 or until knife inserted in middle comes out clean.  Cool.  Cut into 16 squares.  Store covered in refrigerator.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like the perfect end to a perfect day.
Monkeywrangler said…
Sounds like you all had a busy fun day, and hve a great set of neighbors! I am going to have to try that recipe. DH loves blueberries!
Recipe soinds great for the blueberries and ricotta cheese in our fridge. Thanks to you and the neighbors, JP.
Sounds like the perfect day and yummy:) Hug B
TexWisGirl said…
such nice neighbors! delivering a pick-me-up!
MadSnapper said…
fun with the grandaughter plus really nice neighbors.. what could be better
EG CameraGirl said…
What a lovely day with your granddaughter! The squares sound scrumptious!
E. Beth. said…
oh, i love folks that will share their recipes. so cool!! yum!! ( :

you had a full day. sounds like fun, fun, fun!!!
MorningAJ said…
Oh that sounds good!
You sure know how to pack a lot into one day!! Kudos to you, and your lovely neighbor...this is a recipe I'm going to keep! :)

Jane xx
Ginny Hartzler said…
Your neighbors are awesome!! How long have they lived there? Funny, Luke & Laura after General Hospital, right?
Ann Thompson said…
You've got some nice neighbors
eileeninmd said…
Your are having a fun and busy time there. The squares look delicious! Thanks to you and your neighbor for sharing the recipe. I going back to copy it now.. Enjoy your weekend!
Oh, my word!! Those sound fabulous!! Wish I had a neighbor like that.
Hi JP! A fun and full day! You've reminded me of why I miss having neighbors!
Mimsie said…
What a wonderful day you all had. Unfortunately our family are just always so busy these days so we seldom see any of them and our neighbours keep very much to themselves except to say Hi when passing by. Had such fun sharing your happiness so thank you for telling us all about it.
Rambling Woods said…
I'll say, what a great day!

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