Hug or Handshake

Inviting us down to their house for some fireworks, we thought we'd bring a little snack...just in case anyone was hungry. Knowing that our host loves my Oatmeal Raisin Bars, I filled the plate with those and a few Chocolate Chip Bars then wraed in snugly in plastic wrap to keep the uninvited guests out. Meanwhile the Pres packed up his Sausage Dip and the large bag of Scoops.  

Off we went...a whole mile and a half down the their gorgeous 3800 sq ft log home that they virtually designed and built together.  In fact, he had just finished put a lift in the third bay of his garage so their middle daughter could park her car underneath the car on the lift!!

 Finding them and their family out in the back yard, I hugged Tammy. The fireworks were wonderful but their company was even better and this time I got to meet a few of the kids' friends which was fun too.

As I walked around their patio introducing myself as "JP, the nut from down the road" and our hostess watched and listened in amazement.   Shaking hands, making eye contact and chatting a bit with each one, I knew I would remember the names and the faces of Ryan, Javier, Christopher, Andrew, Santana, Laila and Emma. They were all such polite well mannered teenagers...a rarity these days unfortunately.

The Pres and I knew we would be seeing more of them, not only since their daughter is our dog and house sitter but also because they are genuine and down to earth...another rarity nowadays!

The following evening after calling us to see if we were home, they drove up the driveway in her 1967 Camero Supersport. When she got out of the car, she handed us a homemade Strawberry Rhubarb pie...warm.

Wonderful people...wonderful kids...and most delicious pie!

Are you a hugger or a handshaker?

Early on in my career at the bank, I was taught how to shake hands by my Manager at the time, a Commercial Loan Officer.
"There's nothing like a professional handshake to leave an impression,"
 Cindy used to say
(even if it is from "the nut down the road"?)

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MadSnapper said…
sounds like great neighbors to have. i neither shake hands or hug. i don't like to be hugged and it upsets me when strangers try to hug me. and hand shaking is on its way out because it passes germs. must be true i saw it on TV... LOL...but i do like to talk and try to remember names of those i meet. also i like to eat all that your described.
Anonymous said…
The nut down the road can come visit me anytime....she always brings food. Hug or handshake, I don't care. It's all good.
E. Beth. said…
it totally depends - if you are family or a very close friend - HUGS!! if you are just some one i am meeting for the 1st time a handshake. but if i feel lead to ... i usually ask? are you a hugger? that kind of thing. i want the other person to feel comfortable 1st off. but i love hugs. hugging is a favorite time of mine. why i say this ... my hubby is not a hugger. he will hug me ... but my family are huggers ... so like when we give gifts or Christmas we will go & hug each person maybe even a kiss on the cheek & the hubby is not use to that & doesn't get it or like it? so he will give them a far way hug ... like maybe even a one arm hug. ha. ha!! if i met YOU, OM ... i would so give you a big big ole' hug. for a long long time. hell, i might even give ya a handshake (a double handshake??) too!! ha. ha!!! ( :
MTWaggin said…
Both - but I do have friends that are neither so then I honor that. Nothing worse than a "dead mouse" handshake though and sure tells you a lot about someone :-)! Looks like you had a lovely time!
Ginny Hartzler said…
They sound wonderful! You are blessed to have such neighbors. I am terrible at remembering names and would have to write them sown immediately and put them on the fridge. I hug friends and shake with others, but mainly do what I feel is right. Meeting a new blog friend, we always hug! Looks like you will have wonderful new friends for the years ahead!
Linda said…
I hated the New Year (both Jan. 1 and the first day of the school year) at my teaching job in The Netherlands. North Americans hugged, Dutchies kissed two to three times, and the rest shook hands. I write HUGS in my blog comments, but that is really about as comfortable as I get with greeting anyone, except my famiky, of course. "Kusjes" Linda@Wetcreek Blog. ;))))
FAB said…
Good neighbours .. you obviously made an impression JP!

Ha ... we shared a similar occupation (but not the waitressing)so I'm happy with a handshake or a hug ... whatever makes you happy.
Anonymous said…
"the nut down the road"... That totally got a guffaw out of me. Oh, and I hug and handshake but prefer handshake for some unknown reason. I guess sometimes a hug just feels a bit too familiar.
Monkeywrangler said…
Strangers hands I shake. Dear friends get hugged, unless they are distinctly NOT huggy types.
eileeninmd said…
Your are silly..."a nut down the road". Sounds like a nice evening with the fireworks, good neighbors and yummy food. Love the fireworks photos.. Have a great evening and weekend ahead!
betty-NZ said…
I usually hug and most handshakes seem to lead to hugs, too! Being around folks that help you relax really make the time special. Great fireworks shots.
I learned to give a proper handshake when I was working and use it mostly, but do go in for hugging family and friends.
Your neighbours sound like very nice people.
Ann said…
I would love to have a nut down the road from me instead of just a bunch of screw balls.
I can do either hug or hand shake, depends on the person. I usually wait to see what they go for otherwise I would most likely just give them a friendly hello and a smile.
Both depending on the people involved and the situation. My family were not huggers, even parents, but my ex-husband's parents, especially his mom, were huggers so I adapted and now do both.
MorningAJ said…
Depends - handshake on first meeting, hug when I know you better. Of course, we already know each other so well that it would be a hug straight away if we're ever in the same room!
Rambling Woods said…
I love a hug..but would start with a handshake
cedarmerefarm said…
I like giving my friends hugs, but I always start with a handshake when I meet someone for the first time and stay with a handshake if I don't care to get closer to that person. A firm and warm handshake says a lot about a person, I think.

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