Is The Light Out?

Pulling in to my regular parking spot, I stepped on the brake and depressed the clutch. Suddenly the OBC (on board computer) was displaying an error message. Once I determined what it meant, I knew that I would go straight home after my workout. It meant something was wrong with the brakes.

Fast forward to home....

"Call the dealership because the pads look OK," said the Pres.
Speaking to someone in the Service Department, I tell the Pres that the symbol means I need to replace the pads.

"I'll be right back." said the Pres and off he goes to the parts store after calling to see if they had them in stock.

The car is now up on the jack and the Pres had already finished one tire by the time I cleaned up the kitchen and came outside to chat while he works...something we've always done.

Removing each tire and carefully removing the old pads and replacing them with the new, he made his way around the little car, using his special kit he had to buy when he did my daughter's BMW a while back.

I think he had just finished the third wheel and had begun the fourth when he realized it. "Uh-oh. I screwed up."
"What's wrong, Honey?"
"I have two pads that are the same left over which means I put one on wrong...


He finds the boo-boo in no time and fixes it. "There. The warning light should go out now. "

Me (now in the car)..."Nope, still on."

"Ratchet the emergency brake a few times so it's good and tight. Now step on the brakes a few times. Okay, did the light go out?"

Me (still in the car)..."Nope, still on."
"Call the dealership and speak to a great guy in the Service Department again, " says the Pres sounding VERY annoyed.

"Did you replace the sensors? The warning light resets itself once you change out the sensors. The sensors must always be changed when you change the pads," said the soft spoken man.

"Sensors? What sensors? Why didn't the first man I talked to tell me that when I called earlier?"...hang up from him.

"Honey, there are sensors that we have to change."

The Pres, " I know there are sensors, I busted the plastic on one in the first wheel!"

Me...."Maybe that's why the light won't go out." The Pres did not laugh.

Now I know why the dealership charges so much for a brake job!!!

Yesterday the Pres replaced the sensors.

The warning light was still on but...
you gotta give the man credit for trying, right?

Sharing with you and those at Katherines Corner

Since writing this, I decided to tackle to OBC (on board computer) myself. It took a few tries but, I accessed the service menu and was able to reset the warning indicator. In other words....the light is out. The Pres was not impressed with my technical know how but I was!


eileeninmd said…
I am happy to hear all is fixed now and your brakes are in good working condition.. Happy Thursday!
MadSnapper said…
the one thing i picked up from this is you are married to the same mechanic i am.. he says Call for help and doesn't do it himself. anything that requires a call, i have to do it...there, now i feel better. glad he got if fixed even if the light is still on
Anonymous said…
Gotta love those onboard computers....and a guy with mechanical aptitude lol.
EG CameraGirl said…
PHEW! Glad it's fixed now!
E. Beth. said…
thankful i married a man who knows cars. he would know exactly what you are speaking of. i enjoy watching & being a helpful wife when he needs the help. what i think is silly a lot of items you change on cars/trucks can not be recycled. oil can. but other fluids can not? it is a huge learning experience. i do wonder why the shop didn't want to replace them? (wait, did i read that wrong, going back? maybe the Pres just wanted to save money?) ( :
trav4adventures said…
Good for you! Can you come to our house and fix the door lock activators? Apparently they are a problem with Honda CRV's and there is even a class action lawsuit against Honda. They lock and unlock while you are driving!
The sound drives me literally NUTS!
Cheryl Ann
Monkeywrangler said…
A mechanic once taught me to unplug the obc for about a minute, to force a reset.
Ann said…
I have to wonder if all this new technology in our vehicles isn't an attempt to eliminate all the do it yourselfers so that we have to take our cars in to the shop to have the work done.
diane said…
Glad to hear that your brakes are all fixed and thanks for the chuckle!!!
Sounds like me and Tom :-D
diane @ thoughts and shots
Rambling Woods said…
Complicated with all these sensors..
Anonymous said…
Maybe you should come over and turn off my check engine light.

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