Lighting Up

As of today, I have not been able to snap a pic of the young eagle in flight and 
listening to it as I create this post, I know that one of the adults will soon be by to feed it soon give him a handout.  For today, I decided to go to the opposite end of the spectrum of birds around our yard...not the huge raptors but rather the tiny Ruby Throated Hummingbird.  You may have to look a little harder in that middle photo but he is there.

Have you ever noticed how people light up when they see one of these little guys darting around?

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Lovely photos JP.
Must tell you, I changed all my light bulbs to the new specified lcd.. they are so expensive.
Am not sure , if its cut my electric bill.
val xxx
E. Beth. said…
i wonder why those folks keep bugging you, OM ... those spammers i mean? weird folks. so so silly.

i love hummingbirds ... my Mom & i love to try to catch them with our camera shots .. they are too quick. how are they so fast? i wonder if they are just so exhausted ever??! have a good Wednesday!! ( :
Anonymous said…
When I see hummingbirds I think of my mom. Tiny, flying jewels they are.
TexWisGirl said…
absolutely! they are tiny gifts on the wing!
Felicia said…
they like your lovely flowers JP.

The Hummingbird in your shots is very well camouflaged against the foliage and flowers. Flying tresures.
I did have to take a closer look before I spotted the hummingbird. What a treat to see them in your garden!
Ginny Hartzler said…
He is very well hidden, and yet your pictures are sharp and clear! They are just TOO hard for me to snap, you did good!
You always have such pretty flowers.
Anonymous said…
I'm thrilled every time I see one of these amazing little birds. Nice shots of them feeding from the flowers.
Anonymous said…
Nothing thrills my mom more than a hummingbird or a cardinal. Love your flowers, too.
eileeninmd said…
Love the hummer and the pretty flowers. Great captures.. Enjoy your evening!
Ann Thompson said…
I spotted him right away in the first picture but he blends right in on the second shot. I haven't seen one hummingbird around here this year
Susan said…
Sweet hummingbirds. I take great pleasure in having them around a little while- they are a bright spot in my day ;)
Bee Lady said…
We were playing cards outside the other day with some family/friends and we all stopped to watch a hummingbird. I said, "it's one grows tired of watching hummingbirds or deer." It's true! As shown by your last two posts!

Cindy Bee
Arija said…
Like a fairy among the flowers.
The fairy queen or king visiting the flowers. How cool! Excellent captures.
Sweet hummer! Hope you also have some success with your raptor as well!
Unknown said…
Pretty little bird!
BumbleVee said…
I know I get excited ...and, have yet to photograph one .... they move so quickly...unless of course you get a 'poser' or have a feeder around.... I'm just not quick enough with my camera ...yet!

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