Our Day

 Today is "our day."  
married on the Fourth of July way back in 1802!
(The Pres picked the date so he would remember it...LOL!)

Such a handsome couple we were in the olden days, don't you think? 

Digging out a few snapshots of our wedding was fun.  It was held at his Mom's house in Cheshire and a great time had by all.  The boys began roasting the pig around 5am and we partied all day long...:)

We've been through alot...just like everyone else.
Yet, we held on...sometimes by just a thread...
and refused to let go!

Has it really been twenty seven years ???
Holy moose-poops!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone and Happy Anniversary, Honey.
I love you lots...:)


WOW Happy Anniversary and Happy 4th of July good pic on days your Pres is wise:) Hug B
Congratulations! Happy Anniversary! Happy Fourth of July! What a lovely time of year you chose for your wedding.
Gail said…
Hubby show you day because of the fireworks inside and outside! Kidding. Happy anniversary.

I now know someone who knows someone who lives in a shire.
eileeninmd said…
Congrats and Happy Anniversary! I love the photos, great post for your day!

Happy 4th of July!
Happy anniversary JP. We were married on July 1, a Canadian holiday which is a good reminder for my hubby to remember the date. I know what you mean about the thread reference, we just celebrated 42 years.
Wishing you a happy July 4th.
E. Beth. said…
Happy Anniversary!! i don't think i have ever seen a pic of your both. so sweet. big big hugs. enjoy the day! happy 4th too! what a great day to get married. i don't think i have ever met a couple who got married on the 4th. so fun!! ( :
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary and Happy Fourth of July. Here's hoping you have good weather to celebrate your special day and your countries birthday.
Thecreativeme23 said…
Happy Anniversary!! McG and I were married way back when too...be proud - not many of us can say we are still together!! Happy 4th from your Canadian blogger friend

Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG
Pamela Gordon said…
Holy Moose poops! LOL I've never heard that one before. Happy Anniversary to you both. I love your sweet wedding in the gazebo. Our son is being married next month out in a field country style and with a pig roast and deep fried turkey. I've never eaten either so it should be fun and tasty! Happy July 4th from Canada! Hugs. Pam
MadSnapper said…
Happy 4th of July Anniversary... all rolled into one greeting. congrats on the 27 years..
Anonymous said…
Bet you two have some really great memories together! Congratulations to you both on this VERY special day... I hear they will be setting off fireworks in honor of you! xox
TexWisGirl said…
you're still very much a handsome couple.
MorningAJ said…
I'll second what TexWisGirl said. STILL a handsome couple!
Happy anniversary. xx
Anonymous said…
Happy day to you both! And many more!
Nina said…
Happy Anniversary, JP!
A beautiful couple you are - both then and now ... Love is shining from your faces!
Wishing you a great 4th of July as well,
Nina xx
Felicia said…
1802....my you've aged gracefully, both of you LOL.

Happy anniversary and many more.
Rambling Woods said…
Happy Anniversary to you both!
Ann said…
Aw, sorry I missed it yesterday. Happy Anniversary to you bot.
Lots of reasons to celebrate and observe the July 4th holiday weekend, JP and Joe. Glad he didnpick a day easy to remember cause we did and thanks for letting us know yiu redeived the card. We wish you 27 more years and beyond of love and joy💞
Monkeywrangler said…
Happy belated anniversary to you both! May you continue in love and togetherness.

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