It Takes A Firefighter

Cooking/ problem
Cleaning the stove problem
Staying problem problem
Washing problem
Cleaning the tub/ problem
Cleaning the problem
Washing dishes or loading the dishwasher no problem
Doing problem
Mopping the problem problem
Sweeping out the problem

Years ago, I was known as "Dolly Domestic."  I truly enjoy keeping my home neat and tidy...always have.  Taking pride in keeping a clean, neat well organized home, there is one thing...just one thing that I do NOT like doing.

Cleaning out the refrigerator!
I have no idea!
Never did...never will.
You know...taking out all that food item by item,
 removing those shelves,
 taking them apart,
 wiping down every nook and cranny...boring!

And so, with the help of my retired firefighter (Waterbury Fire Department),
WE got it done.

Sharing my favorite helper along with my pet peeve
 with you and those at

What's one "houseworky" thing you do not like to do?


MorningAJ said…
You can't come round to my house for two hours a week can you? Make that four! :) I hate all housework. Cooking's OK, but I hate all the shopping and planning that goes on first. Then the cleaning up afterwards..... I'm jealous of anyone who can do it.
MadSnapper said…
I to WAS a Dollie Domestic, I actually almost killed myself trying to keep all you mentioned done while raising two boys and working a job outside the home. now that i am retired i rarely do housework, my home is no longer spotless.. it is clutter free because i hate clutter but the windows are not clean. so shelves come OUT of the fridge???
LOL... i really really hate doing that job and put it off until i can't not do it.
Anonymous said…
The hubs helping to clean the fridge out is the one..and only..time that it doesn't drive you nuts to see his rear end protruding from the fridge while he endlessly searches for whatever it is he doesn't know he wants.
Well I don't feel so bad now after reading this post with the name I have been called 'June Cleaver'. Yup, domestic like you and usually with an apron on. My husband is also a retired firefighter from the city of Toronto but he's not much into any household organizing.
The place I dislike to clean is the basement, the catch all location for things from all over the house.
Mary Hone said…
Cleaning the fridge always leads to washing the floor for me. LOL
Linda said…
Vacuuming!!! I hate vacuuming!! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Anonymous said…
Dolly Domestic. That is hubby and I too.

Even at our age.

We do it together.

My friends most of them are the same.

My Mum and his Mom taught him well.

I agree with the frig. It is a job.

Happy Retirement. Us makes two.

Chatty Crone said…
This was a good one! Let's see I hate mopping the kitchen floor and cleaning the bathtubs and the toilets and the - well you get it - I hate cleaning anything! lol
Ginny Hartzler said…
I love seeing what is in people's fridges. You have a lot of yogurt, like me! The worst are the dreaded crisper drawers!!
Ann said…
You're supposed to clean the refrigerator? oops!
I used to be a neat freak, always cleaning and I even had a cleaning schedule. It was always tough though with kids in the house. Then they moved out and I found out I'm just as much of a slob as they I'm tempted to let them move back in so I have someone to blame for the mess
eileeninmd said…
I would have to agree, cleaning the refrigerator is awful.. Glad you had help!
E. Beth. said…
Ok, OM ... i will trade ya chores - let's go ... if you iron what i need ironed ... i will clean your frig any old day. it is funny how you pick on thing that you really dislike ... & when you hear another you think? what? i am shocked to hear you say the frig??! so interesting. i guess for me ... i would rather clean the toilet over ironing. why? i usually end up making more wrinkles than getting it all pretty. ( :
Lina Gustina said…
I most don't like ironing.
Thanks for dropping by :)
diane said…
I'm with out the refrigerator has low on my list of things I don't mind doing. Heck, I'd rather clean the toilets than the fridge!!!!!
diane @ thoughts and shots
Rambling Woods said…
I used to be much more domestic before MS

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