Meeting Tucker

I was on time and she was running late.  It didn't matter.  I needed a trim desperately and so I waited patiently.  Later than my normal appointment, most of the other stylists had already left for the day but that just made meeting Tucker more heartwarming.  I had him all to myself.  And today, I'm sharing with you and those at 

Saturday Critters

When Vicki, the owner of the salon, asked me if I'd met Tucker yet, I quizzically replied, "No."

Pointing to the chairs with the dryers, there he was...sprawled out and sound asleep.  All I could do was melt.

When he woke and returned from doing his business, I was introduced to Vicki's "grand-dog."

And what a grand dog this Golden Retriever will be.

Can you see why?


Anonymous said…
Besides the fact that he's too cute for words......he's got big feet and a big head to grow into lol.
EG CameraGirl said…
What a sweetie! I want to dognap him. ;))
Well worth the wait JP.
What a beautiful Retriever Tucker is. I love his name. His eyes are kind and he looks happy.
Thank you for showing him to us..
Happy weekend JP.
val xxx
Pamela Gordon said…
Aw, they are so sweet. I love goldens...well, I love most dogs too. ;)
Empty Nester said…
That's a whole lot of cuteness! Goldens are great dogs! We had one when the lovelies were growing up and he was AWESOME! But then, little dogs are quite nice too. Like my little Tucker. Maybe it's all in the name. :)
trav4adventures said…
Oh, he is ADORABLE!!!
Betty said…
Ahhhhh...he's so cute!
MadSnapper said…
my heart just melted ... he is soooooo sweeeet
Oh, he's just a cutie pie and I'm not even a dog person!! I'd love 'em if they'd stay puppy size, I think.
Oh, just wanted to say that recently I've become acquainted with a Comfort Retriever named Lucy. I love that little girl and her owners says she's as sweet tempered and well behaved as can be. Oh, comfort retrievers are a mix of small poodles and goldens. They look just like small goldens.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Just beautiful and looks like a puppy, SO sweet!
Oh I just love goldens. I still miss my sweet Monty.
Felicia said…
Oh my he is such a cutie.
Rose said…
I guess I would have to go in for trim daily, as long as he is there...he is adorable.
eileeninmd said…
Tucker is a beautiful puppy.. He reminds me of my Goldie Girl when she was a puppy.. So cute! Thanks for linking up this week, have a happy weekend!
I can TOTALLY understand why your heart melted, whatta real cutie!!!!
Adorable little guy, glad you shared him with us.
Susan said…
Awwww, he looks like a real sweetheart, and so darn cute!
Tucker would be worth a lot of wait time in my book :) What a cutie!
Stewart M said…
Cracking looking little chap!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Ann said…
aw, how sweet. I wouldn't mind waiting either if that little cutie was around

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