Shadows of Home

Some cooler morning temps have graced our doorstep lately reminding me that Fall is right around the corner.

Sharing a few shadows of home
with you and those at


Happy Sunday JP
Lovely photos.
We are still having high temps.. although today is a little less.
Shirley said…
I do so love you're photos. Our whole summer has been cooler than normal which I really liked. I love fall too but winter, not so much anymore!!
Anonymous said…
We were out and about yesterday when the hubs, bless him, pointed out that the light was 'autumn light'.
MadSnapper said…
love the window and the ladder back chair. so beautiful
eileeninmd said…
Pretty shadow shots.. Happy Sunday!
EG CameraGirl said…
Your home is lovely! Yes, summer is coming to an end soon. Hard to believe but it's true.
Fun60 said…
At the moment I am sitting at home, about to make a hot drink, wondering whether to turn the heating on but the calendar is telling me it is still Summertime! Thanks for your visit and comment.
OMG, I love that little red cabinet!!!

I think this heat wave we're having right now may be the end of hot weather. I'm guessing because this is my first fall actually living here in the mountains. But, its just intuition. We've had a good summer up to this past week with little need for A/C except maybe late in the day for a few hours.
Oh, and I do have goldenrods blooming along the retaining wall.
The shadows in your photos do convey coolness!

Desert Shadows
Pamela Gordon said…
The light certainly is changing isn't it? I like your mosaic of shadows. Have a great week.
Ginny Hartzler said…
They are all just lovely! My favorite is the window, so beautiful. And is that a kitty posing? The perfect touch!!
E. Beth. said…
fall - my fav!! luv it!
Rambling Woods said…
Oh was such a hard winter..
Alexander said…
Very beautiful. I love the lamp shades. Good use of the shadows from the window frames to add details to the photos.

Alex's World! -
I'm noticing that the light is changing. Fall is coming, and your lovely photos reflect that.
Ann said…
love the shot of the window. We've had cooler temps too. I don't mind fall coming so much if it wouldn't be followed so closely by winter
Ida said…
You've got a lovely home. The shadow shots are very nice. I liked the one with the lamp and the window shot. Yes, it's starting to cool down a little here (which is nice) and I welcome fall but I'm with Ann about the arrival of Winter.

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