Stranded On An Island

Well, they really weren't stranded.
  I just wanted to get your attention!

A few weeks ago, the Pres and I went over to give our son a hand with a few things which included 

securing their new island to the floor
add an electrical outlet (not shown)

remove/replace cast iron mama jumper sink
(for now it is helping hold the temporary plywood countertops)

remove and destroy old countertops

remove tile from backsplash

trim a few low lying branches
and help weed too.

Once again, we were pooped but beaming with pride and satisfaction.
Today we are there helping out with the backsplash replacement.
During the week the Pres went to his youngest daughter's to install their garbage disposal and hook up their dishwasher to their new kitchen sink.
Gotta love an all around know-it-all...:)

Doesn't it feel so good to help?


Anonymous said…
No shortage of work...
eileeninmd said…
Wow, you are great at doing-it yourself jobs.. Could you come over my house next? Have a happy day!
Ginny Hartzler said…
Yes indeed, it is so good to be needed! And your son looks very happy and appreciative. Gosh, you got those jobs done fast! All in one day.
Wow, that's going to be great!
MadSnapper said…
i wish my parents were like the two of you...
Thecreativeme23 said…
My hubby is the handy guy too - everyone in his family calls him when they need help...I LOVE that he can tackle anything I throw at him!!

Glad you've got a handy hubby!!

Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG
Ann Thompson said…
Your son looks like he's really enjoying his work :) It is nice to have a do it yourselfer in the family. Having to pay someone to do anything is expensive

You get an A + for parenting :-)

Betty said…
Any chance you could adopt me and then come over and do a few things around here?
I'm always so impressed when people can do things like this themselves--My husband and I are not two of them that can, but I have two brothers that can, and I'm jealous that they got that 'talent' and I didn't--What is with that? But it DOES feel good to help out, in anyway you can!!

Hope you've gotten the chance to relax at the end of your Sunday and watch for bunnies! :-) Take care!!
Rambling Woods said…
You all come on up! We are not good with projects.. Lol

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