The Distinguished Gentleman

What it is about a dog that makes you melt?

Is it his stance?

Is it the stare?

Is it the eyes?

Is it that look of love?

Is it the heart?

Is it the face? 

Or is it what's behind the face?

To tell you the truth, after taking these, I still haven't decided.

My boy.
My Bonehead.
My handsome man, Copper.
My distinguished gentleman, aging gracefully...:)

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Monkeywrangler said…
Aw...a handsome boy! Do you know what sort of mix he is? He sort of looks part Chow.
eileeninmd said…
JP, I love your handsome boy Copper! I am a dog lover, of any kind.. They are all special in their own way..Great photos! Thank you for linking up your post with my critter party. Happy weekend, Eileen!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful boy.
TexWisGirl said…
their expressive eyes...
MadSnapper said…
i think all of the above is why you love Copper and i love him and have never met him... he is just so very handsome.... don't tell Moon
Gerald (SK14) said…
its the eyes that do it for me
Phil Slade said…
I like the saying "The average dog is a nicer person than the average person." Your Copper looks a real nice person.
Rajesh said…
They look so cute.
Aww- what a sweetie. I think it's the eyes that melt my heart...they really do speak with them.
Unknown said…
He's very handsome! We had two dogs when I was little, a dachshund and a German shepherd.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Cooper is beautiful and has such lovely and kind eyes.
Inger said…
It is everything.
Rambling Woods said…
Awwww... Good friend indeed
Kristin_Texas said…
Copper is handsome!

And for me it's their gentle souls. They don't even judge. They just love anyone that comes across their path.

Karen said…
It's all of those things!
I think their love shows in everything, from the way they look at you and smile...yes, my pups smile! The wagging of the tail, the way they greet you and snuggle next to you at night. Those kisses and those sniffs to find out where you've been. My guy is almost 11. I am treasuring every single day!!

Your friend is extraordinarily beautiful...but you knew that.

Jane xx

There's just nothing like a good dog.
ShannonW said…
All the above! :) And I agree...Copper is one handsome man :)

Thank you for visiting my blog!
Ann said…
I don't think it's any one thing, I think it's the whole package that does it :) Your Copper is a handsome gentleman for sure

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