The Wood Chips

We all know that wood chips can come in handy.

In a wide variety of colors and textures, they are used to retain moisture around shrubs and trees. Some are cedar, some are red while others are brown or black. In fact, some are even artificial.

People use them to beautify their perennial gardens and yards, placing them strategically in between plants.

Others use them to adorn walkways, fences and patios for a well manicured look while reducing weeds.

Johnny Jump-Ups are NOT weeds!

Well, leave it to me...

I found three strays.

Anybody want to guess where? be continued

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MorningAJ said…
We have slate chips in our garden and they end up all over the place!

I'm betting your wood chips turned up indoors somewhere. Bedroom?
E. Beth. said…
i agree you found them indoors. i always find rocks (tiny ones?) not sure where they come from? ( :
I spent two days last week spreading wood chips, nice dark brown ones. With no lawn back or front, the wood chips cover the ground around my plants and shrubs. I also use pea gravel for a mulch.
3 stray chips...somewhere unusual and possibly put there by a bird or four legged critter. Many times I find pieces of pea gravel in the bird feeder.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm...floating in a dogs water dish?
MadSnapper said…
the rock garden and the ferns are really beautiful. here in FL we can't use wood chips because they breed termites...have to be picky on what mulch is laid out.
TexWisGirl said…
i'm guessing in your bed. :)

i like the 2nd shot with the rock wall and 2 fences!
Rose said…
I love the second shot, too...have no clue about where you found the others. I thought bed, too, but then thought, surely not.
Felicia said…
love your stone fence and pretty garden photos. my guess would be in your bathroom, looks like a towel and counter
Ginny Hartzler said…
This is going to be GOOD, I can't wait!!!
Down the front of your shirt, of course!! I don't like cedar or cypress chips because I'm always afraid they aren't byproducts of lumber production and are just trees cut for mulch.
eileeninmd said…
I am guessing a dog carried them inside.. My dogs used to love chewing on wood.. Have a great evening!
Ann said…
At one time I had wood chips in a section right in front of my house. The dog I had at the time thought that it was a toy box and was constantly taking chips out to chew on.
Anonymous said…
Pretty fences in your garden.
I'm also guessing they were in your bed--It's where they would end up in our house! :-)
They do like to travel, those wood chips!
Pretty snaps, I'm picking your strays were in your washing basket. It's amazing where you find them.

Anonymous said…
Nice shots! I'm guessing you found them in your shoes.
Rambling Woods said…
I find stuff in my hair sometimes during the summer.. I do wash it every night though
Wood chips is nice to have in different places. Lovely fences.

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