Answer The Phone

Having had a smartphone for several years now, I've gotten pretty good at using the pre-loaded apps and those that can be downloaded.  One of my favorite things is to assign specific ringtones to specific people.

For instance, my Sister has Don't Worry, Be Happy, ever since she beat her cancer.

The Pres' tone is the old Bob Seger hit Old Time Rock & Roll.

Then there's my son, my daughter, my daughter in law, my two step-daughters, my sister in laws, my friends from the gym, my BFF, my BFF's husband, the doctor's office, my hairdresser, my neighbors, etc, etc....

There are so many choices.
Gosh, good thing there are a lot of songs!
It's like having audible Caller ID at your fingertips.

Sharing one of my favorite things...musical ringtones
with you and those at

Friendship Friday

Do you assign ringtones?

One more thing,  Shortly after I wrote this post, my "smartphone" started acting up.
(Actually it had a complete breakdown.)
Do you think it had anything to do with all my ringtones?...LOL!


Anonymous said…
No ringtones and no smart phone here...thank goodness. The hubs has a little flip phone in case we run into trouble when we're out. Sounds like fun though, to have a different ditty for your family members.
I thought about it after I got my first smartphone in July but didn't bother.
Can you recommend any cool apps I might like JP?
TexWisGirl said…
i don't personalize ringtones but my 81 yr old neighbor does. hers crack me up.
Linda said…
When I first began using a cell phone with ringtones about 10 years ago, I never recognized my own phone. Needless to say, I missed a few calls while grocery shopping, etc. Sometimes never heard it, but mostly thought it was some idiot not answering their phone. ;))) Now I have a very familiar ringtone for anyone who calls. The old fashioned telephone ring that probably started with A.G. Bell. Riiinnnggg! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
MadSnapper said…
you must have Over-ringtoned it... don't have a smart phone so , no songs for me. if i did have one I would use the photo that pops up showing who is calling. or is that whom
Monkeywrangler said…
DH has different ringtone tunes for different people. I just have a different stock tone for his calls.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Since they are made to do that, I think it had nothing to do with it. Have you talked to customer support yet? Do you have a backup phone? I used to have one special ring for my son. It was cool! Now you are making me think about it. But then I would never remember who the songs went with!
I confess I have never assigned a ringtone!
Empty Nester said…
I used to assign ringtones until I got this phone. I still haven't figured out how to do it. But I'm still trying! LOL
Ann said…
my phone barely ever rings so it's one ringtone fits all for me
Rambling Woods said…
I have only a dumb phone
Betty said…
Reid has a ring tone for me. It's that line from the movie Mommy Dearest. "No more wire coat hangers..." He just did it to be funny. It's nothing personal. Everyone laughs when they hear it.

For him I have Don't Stop Believing for the same reason you have a special one for your sister.

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