Chalking Up Points

Many credit card companies are now offering points as a reward for dollars spent using their card. Grocery stores offer points for gas, Amazon offers points. American Express offers points. My cell phone provider now offers points!

Points add up if you play your credit cards right, that is. We don't have much debt....we don't believe in it. We have our monthly expenses for utilities, insurance, gas, cable and internet but otherwise anything we put on our cards is paid in full each month. So we get points which mean dollars when accumulated...dollars for gas, dollars for merchandise, etc.

Sunday afternoon was a cloudy damp cool day, so we went shopping...Cabela's.  
Two pairs of heavy duty work shorts and a few things needed for his bow for the Pres and new waterproof Merrell boots (found in the bargain cave) and one of those insect shield shirts that is both water resistant and UV 50 for me. We scooted through the register owing a mere $80.00! Feeling pretty good about our deals, we stopped for lunch on the way home.

Meanwhile, we found out that we are being treated this Fall.
 Thanks the their points, my daughter and Angel are taking us to Disney World!!
 Can you imagine?!!!

 The Pres has never been there and I've wanted him to go ever since we retired. What an adventure the four of us will have and it just happens to be Angel's birthday so that should be a fun day/night as well (shhhh...don't tell him I told you but he is the biggest kid at heart...worse than I am)!

Now, although all this sounds hunky dory I do have one concern.
When the Pres and I were grocery shopping last week, I needed a pic of a crowd. At the checkout, he said, "so take a picture here at the store."

"Where's the crowd?," I asked

Pointing toward the three people not far from us, he replied quite matter of factly (which I am still chuckling about), "Haven't you ever heard that expression...two's company, three's a crowd."

Oh, one more thing....
Do you think he'll be overwhelmed at Disney?


Bee Lady said…
We are like you. Don't like debt either. We also pay off our bills each month. It was not easy getting to that point in our life. It took a lot of discipline and we were sometimes called "cheap". We use cash for most of our purchases and we live on a budget.
About Disney...we were going to go with my Sister, her husband and child last year, until they said they were staying an entire week. Too long for us!

Cindy Bee
Anonymous said…
With you on credit card use. Hope you have a memorable time at Disney.
MTWaggin said…
You will have such a fun trip and that Pres is so funny!!!
Pamela Gordon said…
Collecting reward points is very....rewarding. :) How fun to go to Disney World. We've never been. I've never been to Florida either.
eileeninmd said…
I pay off my card each month too! Disney I will be a lot of fun for the family. I hope the lines are not too long!

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