Got Rocks?

Red & the Corydalis

Once we were married, the Pres and I  always lived in the country. Striving to utilize the natural surroundings wherever we lived, this yard has given us the pleasure of stonewalls.

When they excavated, huge boulders were placed as foundations.  We've been adding to them ever since and are pleased with the results.

Charlie & the Vinca & Columbine

Using both large and small shepherd hooks to hang feeders and water saucers, there is ample food and water for everyone.  Like the little critters that hide in the nooks and crannies they, too, are tucked in between the rocks along the walls.

My love for the stonewalls here in our yard has turned into an ongoing work in progress. 

Intermingling perennials with some CT natives has proven to be not only a learning experience but also a rewarding one.

Receiving more sun, the upper level holds plants that don't care to have "wet feet," while the lower level is home to a variety of lilies, Monarda, variegated Solomon Seal. 

Of course, Mother Nature has offered her undying support too.  The self seeders such as Johnny Jump-Ups, Forget-Me-Nots, Virginia Bluebells are beginning to sprout among the crevices while the Ajuga and Phlox continue to creep along the wall.

Hens & Chicks 
 From my walks in the deep woods, I gathered various vegetation...mostly mosses and wildflowers and strategically place them in the nooks and crannies on parts of the wall that remain in the cool, dense shade.  While parts of the walls radiate heat, other parts offer shade, giving me the best of both worlds all while providing shelter to the woodland creatures.  Adding a rock here and there never seems to disrupt their getaway routes as they just scoot through the crevices when Moon is on the prowl.

Crops of moss sprout here and there and dense patches of lichen sprawl effortlessly as I continue my endeavors, using what comes from the

This year, more of my plantings popped up here and there as well as a few of my succulents.  Seeing the small clumps of wildflowers multiply as well as the ferns flourish made me as happy as this hummingbird.

Activity is never ending here because there's always room for another plant let alone
another rock.  

Deciding this boulder would be a great place to hang some wild raspberry vines, we began work on this one this summer.

You've  heard the expression "if you have lemons, make lemonade", right?
Well, if you have rocks, make a wall...:)

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Ann said…
and your wall is gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
Dad used to sigh when he saw stone walls....he was a farmer at heart...."stone walls mean a field you have to pick over every year" he would say....and pick we did.
MadSnapper said…
i love all your walls and the critters that love them to, so much beauty. my favorite is the BIG rock at the end with the vines. beautiful... and all free for the taking.
Linda said…
Lovely rock garden! And what a great job you two have done planting and maintaining it! Does it completely die back in your cold winter? I am so ignorant about rock gardens and extremely cold weather, since we have neither. Rocks (or at least large gravel) are a nuisance in our yard, since the mower can sling them up against the windows of the house. But we do have gravel pathways, so we try to be careful and even ShopVac stray loose gravel. So we do vacuum the yard after all ;) Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Gorgeous photos!! Love hens and chicks.
TexWisGirl said…
that is just BEAUTIFUL!
Pamela Gordon said…
Wow you have BIG rocks there! I love how you've used them for the retaining walls and 'fence' walls on your property. We also have lots of rocks but they are the smaller variety mostly. Gardening is a real chore as the rocks just keep on coming up. Beautiful work JP.
Gail said…
Absolutely amazing!!! What a large scale terrace system with my favorite

I also love the fact you incorporate the natural plants into your rock walls. Just like Nature would do it.

Beautiful and I know hours and hours of work.
Anonymous said…
Really I liked your thoughts...they are very beautiful :)
eileeninmd said…
You do have a lovely yard, I love the rock walls and the flowers! That is one big boulder! Happy Tuesday!
Ginny Hartzler said…
This is a true work of natural art!!! I absolutely LOVE it! And part of my reason is because I am a rock collector. My friend just completed her collection of all the stones in the high priests vests in the bible. Up to this point, how long did it take you to get it all done? And also I'm guessing that part of the fun is that it is an ongoing project?
Breathtaking said…
What a lovely colourful rock garden. The wild plants and creatures love it too,...very well done, and beautifully photographed.
MTWaggin said…
I wish we did have rocks close by as I adore stone walls. Yours are just lovely!
Oh, I love all your walls and those lovely plants and flowers tucked in.
Laura said…
absolutely beautiful!
Chatty Crone said…
I think they are beautiful!
Inger said…
That is so beautiful. How I wish I could have an emerald lawn like that and all those flowers in the midst of stone arrangements. Just lovely.
Bee Lady said…
I love, love, love your rock wall! We have two rock walls that are retaining walls. Most of those rocks came out of our yard when we built this house. I love rocks! And I love the way you have incorporated plants in yours. It looks like it's been there forever!

Cindy Bee

Ps. Glad to see Little Red is little again. Can't wait to see her little ones!
Rambling Woods said…
I love this. Wonderful habitat for the wildlife and the plants.... And I love the look.... Michelle

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