Life IS Filling

Another full and busy week for the Pres and I last week included the Big E on Tuesday with my daughter and her honey.  We ate like royalty ending with sirloin tips and  roasted red potatoes topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions!!

 Wednesday had the Pres giving his brother a hand, while I headed to my sons for a sleepover with my grand daughter with babysitting on Thursday.  We made Dirt Cake...yum!

Friday found the Pres tethering the hay for our friends, while I had the tires rotated on the car.

Yet the week ended rather abruptly with the big red Dodge Diesel in the shop!!  The rear brakes went which was an easy fix according to the mechanic.  It's the diesel brake distribution valve that will be costly take a little longer because the part needs to be ordered.

  Did I ever tell you that the Pres hates driving the Wrangler?
  Well, now you know that he has been cranky and will be until tomorrow when we pick up the truck!!

Meanwhile back at the home front, the Pres and I moved all the junk stuff out of the way because this week hopefully they will stake out the garage that the Pres has wanted for so long.  A stand alone building measuring 24x30 with two bays that will house his truck, the golf cart, the ATV, the 52" lawn mower along with two huge tool benches as well as a full upstairs for storage is the plan.  We're also hoping to hook into our well so we can do our canning there.   

Moving things to the far side of area where the garage will built meant we also had to relocate one of the bluebird boxes.  They've moved on for now but we're hoping that when they return next Spring they will still like the neighborhood and build another nest.  The spot we selected still faces the same direction and is closer to the feeders and suet to keep them full.

It seems we like our bellies and lives full...:)

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Anonymous said…
You tell that Pres of yours he should be darn grateful he has the Wrangler to drive. Not everyone can afford to have two vehicles. Count your blessings buddy.
Pamela Gordon said…
Your Pres must be in 7th heaven with this new garage build! I know my hubby would be. Have a great day!
MTWaggin said…
Wow you have been busy and sounds like you will be for some time. Another garage will be very nice to have!
Hi JP.
Yes, i remember that you have written that the pres, doesn't like the wrangler.. wonder why!!! what a great car. I must say do like their trucks.
Hope it comes back soon.
Your plans for a new garage and storage sounds a big project. Lots to go in there. Wish you well on the project.
The bluebirds will return , i am sure..
Happy Tuesday JP.
val xx
MadSnapper said…
good luck with your new garage.. and i love the shot of your house and the flowers.. cute sheep to... sorry about the truck...
TexWisGirl said…
good luck with the garage! sounds awesome!
Ginny Hartzler said…
Awesome about the new garage/storage room! I hope you will be showing us pictures as the building comes along. Your big red flowers are stunning! Are they Dahlias?
Inger said…
You have had a busy week. Good luck with the garage that should be so great come winter.
Ann said…
You two sure do keep yourselves busy.
I think it's just about every man's dream to have his own garage for his big boy toys?
eileeninmd said…
So what what's wrong with the wrangler? I hope the garage goes quickly and things return to normal soon..
Anonymous said…
Lovely shots. Your life sound full and wonderful!

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