The Chosen Few

With a huge display in the center of the store that resembles a mountain, Cabela's animals never disappoint.

Each time we're in the store (which is quite often being married to the happy hunter) I always forget to bring my camera.

This time I remembered!

For some reason, this wolf reminds me of Moon.  

Did I ever tell you that when we found her and brought her in to the Vet, several of the girls that worked there said they saw wolf in her.

She did wander in off the mountain...a mountain where we saw and heard a pack of wild dogs run. 

Numerous frozen animals doing what comes natural to them...because "it's just the natural order of things" may offend some viewers.

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Hi JP.
This is a brilliant preservation of animals that one day will disappear .. What a great show the store has displayed..
It might offend some people. But, as the years go by, it seems so many animals are now endangered species.
I can imagine that the children love to see them too.
happy weekend.
Ann said…
I think that this is a marvelous display.
I'm thinking that these days, no matter what you do there is going to be at least one person who finds it offensive. To them I say "don't watch" :)
Moon does seem like she could have some wolf.
Anonymous said…
That's an amazing display.
MadSnapper said…
i always have mixed feelings when i see these animals, i once took a lot of pics like you did, in a Bass store, they have a mountain in the middle with animals every where... it is good for people who will never see them to see how they look in the wild, but it hurts me to see them there.. like i said, mixed feelings... but since they are there i took photos to
Pamela Gordon said…
They have such an amazing display at their stores! Also the Bass store does too. We were at the one in Calgary in August and our grandsons love it.
They must make the same amazing display in each of their stores, because ours looks like this one. My question is: where did all these animals come from? Surely not captured to be prepped for each of the displays. Maybe your husband could share some insight?
Ginny Hartzler said…
Wow, so these animals are not alive, right? You fooled me! So is this a place you can go and see them in their natural state? I have never herd of a place like this, wish I could go!! I did think the dog was a wolf, he is howling at the moon!!
Jocee said…
What a great display.
eileeninmd said…
I thought the same thing about the animals in Cabelas.. They do have a great display! Thank you for linking up, enjoy your weekend!
Stephanie said…
Beautiful displays!
I'd go to the store just to look at the display, who needs to buy anything? :-) But I love Cabela's and REI too -- The doctor I worked for in Alaska had a 'wolf dog.' You no doubt know they are incredibly smart and beautiful dogs, but I'll admit to having been more than a little intimidated by her on many occasions.
Ida said…
It's great that they have them for people to see who might not ever see one otherwise but I can't help feel sad about it as well.
trav4adventures said…
Oh, we LOVE Cabelas! We often stop by the one in Phoenix, especially when we are heading up to the high country. I buy the mens 7 pocket hiking shorts, so that I can stuff my extra camera battery and other items in them! Very comfy, too! And, longer than the women's shorts!
Cheryl Ann
Anonymous said…
oh this is really neat to see. The

Yes it does resemble your dog.
I have always enjoyed the animal displays at Cabelas. Nice photos!
Hannah said…
They opened a Cabela store somewhere near me recently, I'll have to get there sometime. I didn't know they had such great displays of wildlife, more than I would want to see up close and personal for sure.

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