Walking Among The Giants

Have you ever grown your own pumpkins or squash?  After seeing these wonderful works of farming...and art... at a local fair, I wanted to do a little digging possibly for next year.  Visit this site Growing Pumpkins if you're interested in trying out your hand at producing one of

the giants

The owl is my personal favorite.  

Can you imagine how much pumpkin pie you could make with one of these?


Fall is on it's way.

Sharing some planting ideas with you and those at

Outdoor Wednesday


Ann said…
we did plant pumpkins years ago but didn't have much luck. The kids ended up with a few little ones though.
These are so cool and the owl is my favorite too
Anonymous said…
I like the owl as well....
I Love them all but the owl is very interesting. Wow now I want to grow them. Hug B
MadSnapper said…
i have seen the giants on TV a few times, but never in person and never carved into art...
E. Beth. said…
wonder how long that take to make - i love the owl. awesome times. ( :

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