Woodstock, Here We Come

No, not that Woodstock!
Woodstock, CT where the annual fair is held over Labor Day weekend.

A perfect place for us to take in the sights while enjoying a wide variety of food and happenings.

Arriving shortly after opening, the first display we wanted to see was that of small equipment.


Very impressive...especially the equipment that made shingles. Seeing the 1889 patent date made me a tad skeptical yet it was amazing and they piled up quickly!  

Corn grinders churned away as the the steam rose above the pots of bubbling water.  From what we were told, just about everyone had one of those back in the day. 

Painting absolutely beautiful scenes, this artist seemed undaunted by the crowd gathered around him.  Peeking over his shoulder, I noticed his hand was so incredibly steady as he placed the brush on his mirror canvas.

Oh, to be talented!!

Then we moved on to the good stuff...stuff behind FENCES!!!!

Is this guy AWESOME or what?

Makes me want to go back to the beach and start digging...:)

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MadSnapper said…
so many talented people there. love the carvings and the little horses are sooo cute. i would love this place
EG CameraGirl said…
The carving is spectacular! I really enjoy this kind of fair.
Anonymous said…
That was sand sculpture?
TexWisGirl said…
some really neat exhibits! thanks, jp!
barbara l. hale said…
I've never been to the Woodstock Fair although we've talked about going now and then. We did go through the Holiday Lights exhibit they have there on our way home from Thanksgiving dinner at The Harvest restaurant one year. But now I know a bit of what the fair is like. Thanks!
Ann said…
oh my word, are those sand sculptures? Those are amazing.
This week is our towns fair and it's a VERY busy week for me at work as I do a lot of baking for it.
interested in the corn grinders. used to help my grandma grind rice to flour.
Alica said…
I think I would enjoy this fair!
Ida said…
Now that is quite the fair. Lots of great things to see and do. I loved the sand castle work.
Breathtaking said…
Hi! Fairs like these look such fun with lots of things to see and do such as the sand sculptures, artists at work, and pony rides. I have never been to one, but would love to go. Thanks for showing such na entertaining post.
Rambling Woods said…
I love to go to the fair..

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