Done Watching

The Pres and I have always worked for a living and like the majority of people, nothing was ever "handed" to us.  We both came from hard working families who instilled in us a good work ethic. Everyone was expected to pitch in and freeloading.  That was/is not our style.

So last week when the floor of the garage was scheduled to be poured, I had asked the Pres to take a few pix in case I wasn't back from the gym yet when the fellow got there. 

 Now remember, because I headed out extra early, I was back home earlier than normal.
Bottom line is this.  While the pix the Pres took came out great, when I got home I got the best one  two!  

Don't you think?

I caught the Pres snapping a few pix as the fella finished smoothing out the floor...adorable.  The guy in flannel doing his job...:)

(Can you see Moon in the lower left corner just in case the Pres needed help defending himself from the man with the big stick...LOL?)

Then a few minutes later when I looked out...

a very tired dog...

apparently done doing her job!

Sharing a tired watchdog with you and those at

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So which is your favorite?


MadSnapper said…
Moon is exhausted from watching and watching and watching.. hubby did a great job, so did you..
FAB said…
The sleeping watchdog wins hands down.
I like all the pics because they show the progress of the floor which I find interesting, but especially the smoothing tool.
The pouring and drying of cement must be enough to put a good dog to sleep. :-)
Have a good weekend.
TexWisGirl said…
both good watchers!
EG CameraGirl said…
I like all the photos but I sure can appreciate how tired Moon felt. Watching is HARD work!
Jen said…
Supervising is hard work. He earned his nap.
Stewart M said…
Must be nice to see this happening.

All that standing guard would wear a dog out!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
carol l mckenna said…
Love your dog tired from supervising the garage floor job!

Happy Week ahead for you >
artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)
eileeninmd said…
Moon did a great job at a watchdog..Apparently being a guard dog is hard work.. Great shots. Thank you for linking up, have a happy week!

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