Fall Friends

The Pres had bought a bag of fresh Cortland apples so how could I resist? With the weather turning cooler at night, it would be perfect to nibble on. Besides, my MIL was always very fond of my Apple Crisp and she had good taste...LOL!

The potholder was a gift from my MIL.

The recipe is not mine. It too was a gift.

It was given to me by a co-worker many, many years ago...a gal by the name of Cathy Roosa. So Cathy, if you're out there somewhere, I send you air hugs and smiles, along with many thanks for sharing your recipe with me! It has brought many smiles over the years...:)

The reflection?

It just appeared.

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Have a safe and fun filled Halloween...:)


The potholder is pretty and some apple crisp with tea sounds like comfort food to me!
MadSnapper said…
Mother used to make apple crisp and also pear crisp when the cooking pears were in season.. this looks yum
Anonymous said…
apple crisp and brown sugar sauce...mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm.
TexWisGirl said…
we were raised on apple crisp. :) cut and pared and sliced apples in fall to freeze and use all year long. yum!
Felicia said…
i like that reflection and the apple crisp looks yummy
eileeninmd said…
The apple crisp looks delicious. And I love the reflections of the trees. Pretty quote on the potholder. Lovely post, enjoy your weekend!
Fun60 said…
That's a great reflection.
Ann said…
apple crisp...yum.
Fall is the best time for desserts like this and, of course, they are healthy with apples in them...right, JP?
'Tsuki said…
Cool reflection, in all meanings of the term ! The thought embroidered on the pillow is something to live by in my opinion... Have a lovely weekend, dear.
Rambling Woods said…
I love fall apples ... Yummy

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