The Supervisor

John operated the backhoe and began by pulling out the tree trunks.

Note the man in the dirty white tee shirt telling John how to operate a backhoe.

Ripping the roots from the ground then actually shaking the giant root ball leaving us more awesome topsoil.

Note the man in the dirty white tee shirt telling John how to remove a tree trunk. 

Then the owner of the business, Darryl took over to dig the trench for footings as well as the "bobcat" to taper the rim, blending it with the grass below.

Note the man in the dirty white tee shirt telling Mark how to set up the laser.

The crew was here about six hours that day.  The SUPERVISOR (the man in the dirty white tee shirt) was at their side the entire time except for a bathroom break...LOL!

Guess what my job was?

It was my job
 to wash the dirty white tee shirt
 worn by the SUPERVISOR
 telling the crew how to do their jobs.


MadSnapper said…
Hey, I have a supervisor here who wears dirty white t-shirts... brothers under the skin... or it could be Men from Mars...
Pamela Gordon said…
Haha. Dirty white T shirt is the same as a white hard hat. They are the boss. LOL
Chris said…
That is so funny and so true!! If you say anything about not bugging the people you hired they look so surprised and get their feathers ruffled!!
Well, it's a dirty white tee-shirt of a job, but someone had to do it...and you're right, someone has to wash it too!! :-)
Ginny Hartzler said…
Your kidding!? I would have deducted a large amount from the bill.
GranthamLynn said…
Very funny post. Nice of you to wash the t-shirt! I enjoyed your Critter post too. That was interesting. There used to be a t.v. show about moving animals from places they didn't belong.
Thanks for coming by my Critter post.
Angela said…
lol That's funny! Now do tell, did you get it clean? I can't seem to get the dirty white t-shirt clean at my house! lol It stays dirty looking, but he don't care! He wears it anyway! lol Just around the house though. I suppose we all do it. I have a shirt that has so many holes in it that I look like a homeless person wearing it. Why I still wear it is beyond me! lol
Mimsie said…
I so enjoyed that story and that was a lot of work being done, no wonder it took so long and of course, there always has to be a supervisor. lol
Ann said…
LOL, typical man.
When they were here working on the deck Wade was off work that week. I popped home for lunch and he was sitting in a lawn chair yelling comments to the guys that were working. I told him to go inside and leave them
Anonymous said…
The guys didn't offer to pay you to get the supervisor off their backs????

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