What "Home" Means

The word HOME has always had a special meaning to me.  Sometimes I think it's because of my childhood.  Sometimes I think it is because I am a Capricorn.  Yet whatever it is, that word...home...has a special meaning to my dogs too.

Attending three classes of obedience, Moon was very "trainable."  Moon knows and responds to the word "come".  On the other hand, Copper, my bonehead, was, shall we say, a tad thick.  After three six week complete sessions of obedience the young Lab/Pit would not respond to the the word "come."  Believing that it was because of his many homes before he found us, and his mistreatment as a pup, I began using the word HOME.

Enjoying the sun while watching the Pres work in the yard, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show you.  So, opening the window, I said,
"Moon, Copper...home."

Coming "Home"

It has worked like a charm for the past twelve years...:)

Home to Copper means safety, warmth, body massages, bum-bum & belly rubs.
HOME means LOVE.

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Anonymous said…
So sweet...what a wonderful way to call them.
MadSnapper said…
what a super super idea... I love it and they are so adorable 'coming home'
We briefly discussed this before but now to hear you explain in more detail I wonder if the word 'come' because of the hard 'c' sound is more like a bark. Home on the other hand is a softer sounding word so Copper can relate to it better. 'Come now!' was our most forceful command after 'come' and resulted in the best treat. It is used for dangerous or emergency situations and still works unless Topaz is running the length of a football field at the park to check out another dog. :-) I much prefer 'home'.
Pamela Gordon said…
That is awesome. They are two very lucky dogs to have such a good home to go home to.
Bee Lady said…
I think it's sweet no matter why they obey the word! I love it when animals get good homes.

Cindy Bee
Betty said…
I'm glad he responded so well to the word "home" instead of come. I guess come held some bad memories for him. Thank you for giving him a forever home.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Wow! This is amazing! So this is the only word that will actually bring them home? It almost seems like they know human language!! What a wonderful picture of them heading home!
Chatty Crone said…
I am thinking or remembering your last house and glad this is HOME.
Ann Thompson said…
how sweet. Copper knows he's got a good thing there
eileeninmd said…
They know they have a good loving home, such a sweet post. I love your doggies.. Enjoy your evening!
A beautiful post JP. Thank-you.
Rambling Woods said…
Ohhhhh...love that they have such a loving home!

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