A Silver Lining

The majority of our leaves have fallen. Yes, now the trees are bare appearing stark against the sky.  Yet that is not a bad thing.

Not when you live next door to nesting Eagles.

They can be and have been spotted much more easily now.  In fact, Sunday, October 26th, shortly after my SIL/BIL arrived, we saw them.  Announcing itself first with it's loud cry, one of the adults flew from the nesting area over the house soaring right over us toward the Northwest while the immature flew in the opposite direction toward the dam.  My BIL though t is was just "awesome...a really beautiful sight", he said.
"That was unbelievable!"

Personally I think it was Mother Nature paying me back.

  When I knew my BIL/SIL were nearly at our house, I grabbed the keys to the golf cart and raced down the gravel road.  Tapping the brakes occasionally, I thought, Mary will be so happy to get a ride in the cart.  She hasn't been in it since before Mom passed away in June 2013.

And she was.
  Actually she was tickled saying, Mom was with us on the ride up the hill.

Every day has a silver lining.

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Oh Hugs those Eagles are indeed a gift enjoy. Hug B
MadSnapper said…
i agree about the silver lining and your photos of the trees agains that silver and blue sky really have a silvery lining look to them.
Anonymous said…
What a great shot. There has to be a plus to losing all the leaves and that was it for sure.
How exciting for the family to share in viewing the eagles.
Love your comment about every day having a silver lining...it's there if you look for it.
Ginny Hartzler said…
The beautiful sky with the black tree silhouettes are pretty, and they really spell the end of summer. BUT you are right, the up side is that we can have a better view of everything, even your eagles!
Ann Thompson said…
Yep a silver lining in every cloud. Some you have to look for a little more than others but it's there somewhere. :)
eileeninmd said…
Always cool to see the eagles, pretty sky shot! You have a great view! Enjoy your evening!
Molly said…
What a beautiful sight they are such majestic birds

Barb said…
You made more happy memories.
Felicia said…
beautiful wing spread
The eagles are so awesome. Glad you have such a view!
Betty said…
I didn't think the leaves would be gone already. Enjoy the view!
Rambling Woods said…
Yes, every day does have a silver lining... Michelle

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