Clearance Is the Key

You are so lucky today to read this post.

There's a few things you should know about building a fence and today I am going to tell you.

To help keep the poles straight use a brace wire twisted tightly from corner to corner.

 Always look for straight, moist, unwarped pieces of lumber.  Usually the best pieces are located in the center of the bundle at the lumber yard.  

When helping to unload the long and heavy 4x4s, never stoop down beneath them and then stand up.

In other words,,,never, never hit the top of your head with a flippin' 4x4!

See, I told you you would learn a thing or two.
I did.

One more thing.
Do you think the scab will fall off soon?

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Anonymous said…
Ow...I could feel that. Next time wear a hard hat lol.
MadSnapper said…
ha ha I will pass this info on to The Man In My Life... the one that is RED
Anonymous said…
Ha ha - and ouch!
MorningAJ said…
I wondered why I had a headache!
TexWisGirl said…
i'm laughing, but i've so been there a time or two, myself!
Ginny Hartzler said…
Oh no! You clunked yourself on the head! Is it still hurting? This calls for Ice-cream!! Plus some aspirin...
FAB said…
Ouch!! They say we learn something new every day.
EG CameraGirl said…
UH-OH! My head felt a twinge you mentioned yours being hit by a 4X4!
Latane Barton said…
someone has been hard at work building a mighty nice fence.
Good advice. I must remember that!!
Ann Thompson said…
Ouch. I'll try and remember this most valuable lesson :)
E. Beth. said…
ouch!!! that hurts! ( :
it always helps when u learn something but sometimes it takes a few tries, ha. ha!!!
Inger said…
As long as you didn't get a concussion, all will be well real soon.
I'll bet that hurt! You might be ordered to wear a hardhat in future endeavours. LOL
Is this going to be a white picket fence?
Ida said…
Thanks for the fence building tip. I do hope your head has recovered.
eileeninmd said…
Oh my, I hope your head is Ok.. Thanks for the tip! Great fence shots.. Enjoy your evening.
Anonymous said…
Oh you made me laugh out loud -- and believe me I am laughing with you not at you. That could so be me (if I ever helped build a fence -- I have helped build and remodel several homes and with similar results . If you're writing this post, I assume the concussion is all healed up ;>). Thanks for the laugh -- and couldn't be a more perfect post to link to Tex's meme!!!!
Well at least it looks nice!
Stephanie said…
Owie, that must of hurt big time. Great shots!
Live and learn.:-) Thanks for a VERY informative that will keep others from having headaches!
As my mother said, "Don't pick."

Lovely fence. Seriously.

Jane x
LV said…
Great fence presentation and good advice. I will leave fence making to others.
Ha! There's a some overhead cupboards in our W.V. house that are just above my line of sight...but not higher than the top of my head. I hit them all the time.

Thanks for the lesson!
Felicia said…
You are funny JP. Have a safe and happy weekend.
Anonymous said…
Ouch! You learned the hard way.
New fence - looking good!
Ouch.. JP.. that will be really sore.
My mother always used to tell me, that when i had banged my head and had a lump..that it brought good luck.. !!! Let the scab fall of on its own.
What a thing to happen.
Your fence is looking good.
I love nice fences.
happy weekend.. valxxx
A Joyful Chaos said…
Oh boy! That sounds painful!
Betty said…
If I had been there would I have learned some new words?

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