It's All About The Moon

Huskies, by nature, are vocal dogs. And Moon, as we all know, is definitely part Husky.  She loves freedom, doles out love and affection willingly, is independent, athletic, intelligent and a talker.  I love her...:)

Signed on to the laptop in my office downstairs, I was trying to catch up.

There's nothing better than being summoned to play by a Shepherd Husky with three quarters of a blue eye while the crescent shaped sliver at the top of that eye is brown.

Did you know that's why I named her Moon?

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MadSnapper said…
we call Baby Brat because she is so vocal... she barks not bays for any or everything she wants and will not stop until she gets it.
Anonymous said…
She's calling you out to play...that's so sweet.
Chatty Crone said…
Howling at the moon?
trav4adventures said…
I have a purebred German Shepherd who is VERY vocal! She doesn't howl, but she sure complains a lot! She's 8 years old and I took her in when she was 6 years old from a colleague who was moving and couldn't take her. She's quite verbal!
Cheryl Ann
Ginny Hartzler said…
Some day maybe you can get a picture of her eyes! Maybe you would have to bribe her! But the name is perfect! Isn't this a trait kind of common to Huskies? And also having their eyes different colors?
Ann said…
I had no idea that's how Moon got her name. Very cool.
Duke used to be quite vocal and we would have lots of conversations. Don't know if Gibbs will be or not
Pretty husky with a unique eye and name!
Great choice of name! What a cutie.. I would have a hard time rejecting that summons. I love vocal dogs (except for the really, really yappy little ones that hurt my ears). My last dog was a greyhound mix.. he "sang" when I sang and certain music on the radio would also get him going at times. All to say I enjoyed your post :)
Felicia said…
she is beautiful.
"Hey, I'm out here by myself, come have fun!"

Cute doggie!
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Sweet! It's great to have a pet that calls out to come and play.
She looks a lovely dog and I an sure a faithful friend.
She's such a pretty dog! Did you two go out an play?
Anonymous said…
She's beautiful.
Pamela Gordon said…
Our old dog, Marshall, is part husky too and he sure loves to talk. Well, he used to as he lives with our son now and I'm not sure if he still does as he's pretty deaf. He made some great conversations when we had him though. That is an interesting naming of your Moon.
Ida said…
Well Moon is just a sweet looking dog. Our "pug" loves to howl too.

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