Seeing Spots...Not Again?!?!

No, silly...not because of my head which is doing fine but because I really am seeing spots!

In the Spring and over the Summer, while gardening I spotted a bunch of these (cone shaped things) here and there in the lower garden bed affixed to the mulch.  Did I "do anything?"  No.  But I sure wish I had!

Little did I know that these cute little cups shoot spores out about 20 feet and created this!  See the small black dots that look like poppy seeds on the house?

Well, initially I Googled "How to remove small black dots on vinyl siding?"

To my utter amazement, I kept reading the words ARTILLERY FUNGUS.

Then, searching "Artillery Fungus,"
I found numerous sites with information.

If it's on your house, GOOD LUCK.
It is, as you'll read, caused by certain kinds of MULCH
Yep...certain kinds of mulch that forms those cute little cups
 which then shoot spores in Spring!

Bottom line is this.
The garage is coming along nicely.
I'm scrubbing spots!

Sharing my sore hands and fingers this week with you and those at


Linda said…
I always thought the spots were spider poop. Little did I know! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
MadSnapper said…
OH MY and OH NO!! never heard of this one.. hope they don't grow in Florida.
Anonymous said…
Who knew? I'll have to take a look around. We did put mulch down this year. Dang.
Ann Thompson said…
well isn't that interesting. I have never heard of this before
Ginny Hartzler said…
Just the NAME sounds dangerous and awful! Do you have to mix up so something potent and noxious to get rid of it?
Felicia said…
I have sore hands too but not from scrubbing mine are from raking leaves.
MorningAJ said…
OK..... as soon as you've done scrubbing - change your type of mulch! I had no idea about this. You'd think the suppliers would warn you, wouldn't you?
Our neighbors have a LOT of this and so got rid of their mulch. We also have a bit here and there....trying to extend our border of pea-stone (or whatever it's called) around the entire house, and extending it to about 2 feet. That should help. What a job!!
Pamela Gordon said…
Now that's interesting! We don't buy mulch but I must check too see if it's a natural thing that can be found in the leaf mulch we use in the fall. We used to use mulch but found out that earwigs live in those huge piles at the garden centres and will transfer to your property. Not any more. We have had an infestation of earwigs for years now and they won't go away. They even found our new deck this summer! UGH.
Barb said…
Goodness! Don't buy mulch from that source anymore!

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