Save A Stump

Remember all those little Red Squirrels that were running amuck over the Spring and Summer here?  I was beginning to worry about where they went until just the other day when I saw one scoot into the thick brown woods.  Leaping the crevices between the rocks as if it was bionic, it's little tail and back were bristled because Moon was in hot pursuit.  Yet, he is what prompted me to take a little stroll through the woods to get a few pix.

 I found something rather interesting..a stump garden!  
Well, that's what I call them anyway.

  There, along the path, was one of many tree stumps.  Moss covered sides nearly covered the deteriorating remains yet on top...standing tall...

And if left undisturbed, I think it will make it,
don't you?

Known in my book as a squirrel restaurant, this old stump had an entirely different use.  Used by squirrels to sit on as they crack open and enjoy a nice meal, they get a better view of their predators.

And when I got back from the woods and looked around the yard, I realized there's hope for a few of ours too!  I've been transplanting various mosses I find on my excursions and they are doing quite well, giving this one definite potential.

Then beneath this old stump lies the magical place of our little gnome, Percy also filling in nicely with mosses.

So next time you cut down a tree, do me a favor...

save a stump!

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eileeninmd said…
The mosses are pretty. We have a few stumps around our yard..They are great perches for the birds too. Have a happy day!
Anonymous said…
What a charming old stump!
Mari said…
I've seen several stumps lately since they are reconstructing our parks. They already have saved it for you. :) I also have witnessed a squirrel in fall feasting on a stump.
MorningAJ said…
How lovely are they? I've always liked tree stumps. There's a walk near us where someone has cut a stump into a chair shape and it's perfect for taking a few moments rest during a hike.
Bee Lady said…
I do think the tree will make it! It's made it this far...keep watching and updating us now and then. I love Percy's home. Adorable. I love moss too. We have it all over our woods.

Cindy Bee
Anonymous said…
I'm surprised the squirrel hasn't moved in with Percy....those are some fancy gnome digs.
That is SO sweet! I bet the squirrel is glad to finally have some interesting company. :-)
Just lovely - you never know what you will find on a walk through the woods :-)
Marie said…
Your squirrel is adorable!!
Pamela Gordon said…
Wonderful photos of stumps and their multiple uses. We have a few stumps here too but they are more of a nuisance and will have to be removed eventually as they get in the way of mowing. In a wooded area though, they are nice to keep. Have a nice day.
Mary Hone said…
Love the squirrel in the tree stump. Your little gnome village is awesome.
Ginny Hartzler said…
They are beautiful with the moss, and make tables for the little animals. I would love to visit Percy. I have a folder of stump pictures, there are many around here because we live in an area called the Tree Streets. Trees are always being cut down. LOVE your picture of the squirrel peeking right at us! don't know how you managed that, but then you are a rather magical blogger.
I dont know anything about squirrel habits, except that they sleep for the winter..
What a lovely red squirrel there in your garden.Am sure they will be nice and cosy.
So thoughtful, to bring moss for them.
Happy week JP
val x
Villrose said…
My, what you found!
Fun60 said…
Percy's home looks very cosy.
Ann Thompson said…
I love the look of moss. That last stump with the fairy house is adorable

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