The Fire In Me

November is the time of the year I go for my annual physical.  The week before the appointment, blood work is done so the "Doc" can check all the numbers he looks at and I should pay attention to.

Fast forward to the exam room.  

Weight...lost the four pounds I'd put on last year (although he didn't care, I did)...YEAH!

Height...stayed the "old age" shrinking...we both cared...YEAH!

The numbers...excellent..."your cholesterol level is great, actually everything"...a unanimous...YEAH!

Bone Density test results..."significant spine improvement"...DOUBLE YEAH from both of us!

Mammogram..."Clear, looks good"...YEAH!

EKG..."Perfect, no signs of arrhythmia; looks great"...YEAH!

Now the conversation:

"So you're in good shape, young lady.  What are you doing?" said Dr B.  

"It's got to be the exercise that is improving my bones.  That's why I go to the gym three mornings a week, although my workout is only 1 1/2hrs.  And I still take Tai Chi twice a week.  I kayak and walk with the dogs when the weather is decent.  I am really excited that my bones have improved so much!...Could I have a copy of the blood work so I can show Honey?" I said, smiling beaming with pride.

Nodding, he said, "Show off" then added "I'm sure that's where you get all your energy from too."

Like the Pres always said when he was a firefighter, "Honey you can't save someone else until you save yourself.  Always remember that in a fire."

It's GOT to be the exercise. DO IT for YOURSELF

YOU deserve it!

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eileeninmd said…
Congrats! You are taking great care of yourself.. Happy Friday!
Susan said…
Way to go, JP! Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
You always have the best checkups!
Monkeywrangler said…
I miss our kayaks...but DH and I are both enjoying our workouts. We restarted the weight/resistance training recently, and it is already showing benefits.
Congratulations, JO, on the great checkup results! And, you gave great advice for everyone to stay healthy.
There's nothing like a clean bill of health and like my late father used to say, "if you have good health, you have everything!"
Good for you JP, cheers to continued healthy living.
Bee Lady said…
I need to find something I enjoy doing. I need more energy. Congrats to you my dear. Great job.

Cindy Bee
Mary Hone said…
Congrats, and I like that photo. We are big into exercise around here too.
Barb said…
You're in a lot better shape than that abandoned house nearby. Exercise can work miracles. Good for you.
Inger said…
How encouraging, congrats. I have fallen off my walking and added to my stress with hubby ill this past year. I learned in CERT training too that you do have to save yourself first. Thank you J. P. for the reminder and I am so glad you are doing so well.
Linda said…
Yea! Yeah! And Yea! Super! Keep Moving! Congrats on the great report! Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog
MadSnapper said…
bob and i just got the same report you got last week. lab work 100 percent. the only minus is we are both overweight. and old. he said exercise exercise is doing the trick, and to do more of it.
Rambling Woods said…
Oh I would love that checkup news...sigh
Ginny Hartzler said…
Wonderful! Congratulations! Too often, I only hear bout checkups when they have gotten bad news, so it is good to hear GOOD news! You are disciplined, active, and determined. And it has paid off wonderfully!! It is your own Christmas gift to yourself...
Empty Nester said…
I know. But I just can't do it. I don't know where my motivation is. I don't know where anything is. LOL Seriously, I hope it turns up sooner than later. But, good for you! I'm so pleased to hear your wonderful report!
Fantastic and wise words from the Pres Hug B
Felicia said…

wish I could get my dad to believe it.
Ann said…
Awesome, congrats. That means we'll be reading blog posts from you for many years to come :)
EG CameraGirl said…
Wonderful check-up news! How smart of you to get regular exercise.

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