The Real Gift

Bringing a few nibblies with us and the snowman we made for our friends Luke and Laura (real names withheld to protect the innocent although they are far from innocent!!), the Pres and I arrived right on time.  That Laura had quite a spread ready for us to nibble on as well!  They liked their snowman and might in fact, hang it in their log cabin which sits in a beautifully manicured yard.

Outdoor Wednesday

Meanwhile because I hadn't seen Brutus in a while, I was all over him as you can tell by the pix here.

Camera Critters
Saturday Critters

Meet Sara, one of the most beautiful teenagers I have ever met.  
She is just a BEAUTIFUL person...loves animals and nature and respects others.  

A Tired Puppy is a Good Puppy

They Do Things Together
I know you're wondering what this post has to do with birds but here it comes.
And yes, I know this is not a real bird.  But where else could I share this with you.  


Cut from an oak tree, the three foot length was planed repeatedly ensuring not to disturb the knot in the wood "because Sara knew I would love it."

Then she brought the slab of oak (30-40 lbs) to work!!!  Doing her magic, she, who is an awesome artist, created the eagle on the computer then "sent the file" to the laser cutter which burned the eagle into the wood creating the shading and dimension.

The next step was for Luke and Laura to work their magic shellacking (about 50 coats according to Luke...LOL!) and removing air bubbles (about a million...according to Laura!).

Sara said, "JP, open your gift."

Wild Bird Wednesday
When I saw it, I cried.

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When we got home the sun was setting.
  I caught the sun's rays beaming on a pair of doves.

I decided then and there that the real gift...
was Sara and her family.

Merry Christmas!


Monkeywrangler said…
A beautiful gift of friendship and love, and wood too! And what a handsome dog! I love him!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful, thoughtful and personal gift.
Pamela Gordon said…
That is a most beautiful gift for you JP. So creative! Have a wonderful Christmas.
MadSnapper said…
I agree, the gift is the family.. what wonderful neighbors to have. that gift is magnificent and beautiful and perfect for you.
MadSnapper said…
OOPS for got to say Merry Christmas, i was enthralled by both your gifts
TexWisGirl said…
what wonderful folks! and i love their pup, too.
FAB said…
A wonderful gift to treasure.

Best wishes to you and the Pres for a Happy Christmas.
Bethany Carson said…
The yard looks beautiful! What a neat present!
A lovely dog. Have a great Christmas day tomorrow.
eileeninmd said…
I love the dog and the gift.. Merry Christmas!
Ann Thompson said…
friends like that are gifts to treasure. Beautiful gift she gave you too. That's a pretty sweet looking dog
Rambling Woods said…
Oh my gosh..... How special.... It made me teary

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