Belated Gift

The day after my birthday, just above the horizon looking East, the all too familiar  silhouette of the eagle flew in the direction of the nest. It was carrying something in it's talons...a bough of pine, clearly distinguishable against the pale blue sky. 
 It made my day!


The photo to the left was taken in November.  

My field notes read: 

Nest Condition: brown, dried
no activity

Yet, seeing the adult carrying pine meant it was time for a walk into the woods.  Now is the time I can get close to the nest, and I did...almost directly below it so I could examine it for any activity.  Snapping two pix quickly and then heading home in case the adults were watching, I pulled them up on the laptop.  

My field notes read:
Nest Condition:  fresh sprigs of pine beginning to appear
Sightings:  adults heard numerous times late afternoon & 
seen soaring over yard to and from river on 12/26, 12/29, 1/2/15


As with every Winter, there's a chance they will:

a.  reuse their old nest, making improvements and adding fresh sprigs of pine indicating to other eagles the nest is "occupied" or

b.  use it as a pseudo nest and build an entirely new one nearby or elsewhere, of course

This is what the nest looked like in February of 2014.


Hoping it's another good year in 2015 and for a few more walks into the woods!

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MadSnapper said…
we have eagles nest at Robinson bird preserve but i have never been able to walk the 3 mile hike to get a photo.. these are awesome
TexWisGirl said…
awesome. just awesome. :)
EG CameraGirl said…
I look forward to seeing progress on the nest!
Ida said…
How exciting. It will be fun to follow the Eagles again this year. I would so love to see one up close like you get too.
Ginny Hartzler said…
New babies then? Wow, and in mid winter, too!! Surely this must be for spring?
eileeninmd said…
It is exciting to watch the eagles building and working on their nest.. Lucky you!
Ann Thompson said…
totally awesome. How fascinating to have that so close to keep an eye on
Anonymous said…
Signs of exciting.
Felicia said…
i sure do hope they return.
I've a feeling they'll be back, and I'll look forward to seeing more photos!
Oh this is exciting. Hug B
Unknown said…
I'm hoping to get some eagle shot this coming year. They are such majestic creatures...
So cool that you get to check it so frequently.
Rambling Woods said…
Yes it is a gift and what a treat..Michelle

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