International Association of Fire Fighters 

When I walked away from the garage the other day, I saw this great reflection
and thought...
go get the camera!

See the expired decal from "12"?  
Here in CT, you're not supposed to have anything on the front window.
Do you think you know who cares?
My guy, an independent soul...:)

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Anonymous said…
Just gorgeous!
MadSnapper said…
perfection... glad you saw it.. in the first shot it looks like a straight shot, not a reflection
I have one of those stickers on my front windshield although I think it's specific to Toronto Fire - but I did know right away what IAFF was!
Anonymous said…
You have a knack with reflections.
Pamela Gordon said…
Cool reflection! So nice and clear. Have a good weekend.
Nefertiti said…
joli coups d oeil ;o)
Ginny Hartzler said…
Where do they want you to put the decals then? We have to put them on the windshield, I guess so the cops can easily check it. LOVE the windshield reflection, it is totally cool!!
Ann said…
Cool reflection. Sounds like the Pres is quite the rebel....lol
Fun60 said…
What a great reflection.
Oh, that looks like a terrible car accident the first moment:-)
Great tree reflections on the window. Have a lovely weekend.
Amy said…
love your reflections!
Beautiful. Question...how are you an "International Fire Fighter? Just curious. My father in law is a retired Chicago fire captain who I am so proud of. Enlighten me, dear.

Jane x
'Tsuki said…
Terrific windshield reflection ! I like the light that the white branches reflects.
Su-sieee! Mac said…
I would've gone back for my camera, too. Great photo!
amazing and clear reflection. great!

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