especially in the Winter
when the white falls.

Can you tell?

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Mosaic Monday

Oh, one more thing.
It finally snowed here...:)


Ann said…
I always love seeing a splash of red in winter. It certainly stands out against all the white. That red coat looks very warm.
Todd and Moon came off the same "rack" -- In my latest post he's wearing his red coat too. But your girl wears it beautifully. I'm always so taken by the photos of her. She really looks like a wise, old soul. --I'm glad you got your snow! :-)
Ginny Hartzler said…
I can tell! ALL are fabulous reds!!
Pamela Gordon said…
I'm glad you finally got some snow as the pops of red really pop against it. Pretty photos and mosaics.
Perfect red winter touches. Your dog is so beautiful out in the snow.

Jane x
such lovely photos JP.
happy days... love the red..
val xxxx
MadSnapper said…
love the red sweater and i love red toooooooooo
You always decorate so cute!
Nina said…
I love your reds!
Red is such a pretty color choice anytime of year and along with purple is my favorite too!

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