Woo! Woo!

Living and breathing here in Connecticut's Last Green Valley, I have, as you know, attended many of their events from visiting the Buffalo Farm to exploring and learning about the Mohegan Indians and their famous Chief Uncas.  In addition to their physical activities, they have a photo of the week contest that I recently discovered..

Guess who entered?

And guess who won????? 

Christmas morning I opened an email telling me that the 2014 immature eagle had won for that week.  I was elated so I decided that I would submit another entry for the following week.

And guess what????  It was a three way tie...and one of the photos was mine!!

You can visit their Photo of the Week Gallery here:  Photo Gallery  When you hover over a photo, it gives detail and credit to the owner...:)  That's MY "Tunnel of Love" and MY Immature Eagle 2014!!

Last Green Valley-Photo of the Week...go ahead go look...make me feel good!


TexWisGirl said…
i love the tunnel shot! way to go!!
MadSnapper said…
wow, congratulations TWICE... headed over to check it out
Ginny Hartzler said…
Wow, big news!! Congratulations!! Your photos ARE excellent!
Anonymous said…
I went....I looked......are you feeling good??????? Good for you getting two photos accepted.
trav4adventures said…
Gorgeous photo of the bridge! My dad grew up in New Canaan and was the first of his male line to leave Connecticut and move to California (back in 1939...) Are there still covered bridges back in Connecticut? I remember seeing a few in old photos he took...
Cheryl Ann
Oh congratulations. LOVE that shot, the heart is awesome. All your photos are incredible but recognition is always a good thing. Yay. Hug B
Ann Thompson said…
Congratulations. That's awesome
I am SO happy for you! You rightly deserve the recognition! Yay!

(you can see I am elated).

Jane x
Well done JP, the heart from the tunnel is awesome.

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