Blogging Apologies

Thanks to The Run*A*Round Ranch Report (Tex, although I call her "T") I want to apologize to any of my readers who use Yahoo or AOL (like you, Baby Girl). I never realized that these two vehicles were being omitted by Gmail. I always try to respond to each and every comment that I receive and assumed that I was receiving them all via Gmail. Once I read T's post and checked Comments via Blogger, I saw a few immediately so I can only imagine how many I have missed. Again, I apologize and am now having second thoughts about using Gmail!!!

You can read her findings here at the enclosed link.


The Run*A*Round Ranch Report: Comments from Yahoo and AOL email users not delivered to Gmail


TexWisGirl said…
thanks for spreading the word, jp.
Ann said…
well isn't that just wonderful. Thanks for the info.
I figured something was up when a number of comments go to my junk file and not to the inbox.
There's always something going on isn't there?
Felicia said…
Where do you find these comments JP.
MorningAJ said…
They're always messing about with IT for various reasons. I wish they'd all just leave well alone!

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