Point & Shoot...

the camera, that is.

Wandering through the brambles in mid January before all this "white magic" appeared, the deer prompted me to practice focusing.  So, from inside the house where it was warm and toasty, first the nesting box, then the deer.  That was the plan.

In the sepia toned pic shown below, the nesting box is focused while the deer in the background is out of focus.  Got it.  That's what I wanted to happen so I was pretty happy.  I wanted the box to be my focal point.

 However, then I ran into problems.  Looking through the viewfinder, I wanted the deer to be my focal point rather than the nesting box.

 So, how do I get the deer to be more clear in these last two photos?  The nesting box looks less clear (less focused, is there such a term?), while the head of the deer is more focused.  Yet I'm not really happy with the clarity/intensity of the deer.  

Is it that I am zooming in too far when taking the picture?

Do you delete a lot of photos too?

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MadSnapper said…
i just keep zooming and focusing until the focus on the camera finds what i want and yes i delete tons of photos... using auto focus is hard to go past something in the foreground and manual focus doesn't work for me because of hand shaking
yep, what sandra said. sometimes when you have 2 subjects so close together, the camera gets a mind of its own and chooses what to focus on!
but if you keep zooming in & out...focusing on what you want to be the focal point...it should happen. you should be able to see in viewfinder if its how you want it to be, before taking picture, so you don't have a lot to delete.
good shots anyway! :)
eileeninmd said…
I love the pretty deer, they are always nice to see. It is hard to focus when there are tow of anything.. The camera seems to have a mind of its own.. I do delete a lot of photos too, there are some I keep just for a record of what I see and when I see it.. Thank you so much for joining in with my critter party. Have a happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
Most of the time when I have a focus problem I find out I've accidentally moved the settings just a little off. Once I correct that, I'm away.
You have a Canon Power Shot don't you? It's that round thingie on top that you set for multiple snaps or whatever. Just make sure it's 100% on whatever setting you chose. Maybe that will help.
Oh yes, I delete a lot of photos. It's a matter of where the focus square in your viewfinder is showing so that it picks up what you want in focus.
Looks like a cute furry subject!
Ann Thompson said…
Yep, I delete a lot of pictures too. I always find that anything I have to zoom way in on is more grainy than something I take up close
EG CameraGirl said…
Looks like you've gotten some good advice from other commenters. :)
Dragonstar said…
I love the deer's face.
21 Wits said…
Always happy to see dear like this!
TexWisGirl said…
i delete a lot of photos. :)
Yes my camera has a mind of its own also. I love the Deer. Have a lovely weekend.
Mary Hone said…
I can move the focus point on my camera to where ever I need it, that helps. But, I think everyone ends up with some shots that are not what they wanted.
HansHB said…
They are so cute!
diane said…
Yes, sometimes it gets frustrating trying to get the camera to focus where you want it to and then......you lose the shot :-(
Personally, I delete lots of photos....don't know if that's good or not.
diane @ thoughts & shots
Lovely deer.

Autofocus cameras can be a pain. I have a Canon and I know how to work around it somewhat, but using all the wheels and dials to make it into something it isn't is just too much!
Bee Lady said…
I love the second picture with the deer in the background. I have no idea how to do the picture focus stuff. I used to have a really nice (expensive) camera years ago, took a photography class, but something happened along the way....I just point and shoot now.

Cindy Bee
Louisette said…
Lovely shots, greeting from Belgium.


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