Stillness Of A Lake

Although I have not been to Tai Chi in several weeks because of the ice on the gravel road, I miss seeing the Lake as much as I miss my Tai Chi/QiQong Classes.

Although not frozen when I took these, I am sure it is completely frozen by now. The last time I was there, people were ice fishing.

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nice pic's!! i love that sign you just see between the fence..."no swimming. no lifeguard on duty". don't worry, i won't!! :)
21 Wits said…
How very peaceful and lovely this is.
EG CameraGirl said…
It's a lovely lake even in winter.
diane said…
If your weather is anything like ours ... that lake is frozen!!!!
Lovely peaceful.
Have a wonderful day ... diane @ thoughts & shots
Ginny Hartzler said…
So beautiful! And cold!
Ann said…
it sure is pretty. I'm sure it's very frozen now
betty-NZ said…
What an awesome scene you captured!

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