This Really Blows

It was time for me to become friends with the new snowblower. Following the Pres out to the garage, I inhaled deeply thinking, that is one big machine. It was during that breath, I heard in rapid succession,

"Be sure the gas is "on."
Set the "choke.
Set the "throttle. (That's the lever with the turtle and rabbit, he said.)
Turn the key.  (I learned that this step is KEY.).
Hit the primer button "a few times, but not too many.
Pull the recoil (which to me, means cord)
THEN, engage the auger.
Press this handle...the "go" as the Pres called it, trying to make it simple for me.
This lever means GO," he said repeatedly and emphatically.
Oh, and Hon, these are the forward gears .
Here's the reverse gears...there's a have to play with them.
Here's the chute adjustment and then you can just reach over and turn this crank.
Oh, and Hon, here's the Clean-Out tool on top of the housing for when you're done."

WHAT?  Say all that again, I wanted to say but refrained.

Now, after giving you the steps for the operating of our new deluxe 350 lb snow blower in detail, I 'll make this next part short.

Day 1 - Clenching the handles tightly, I pretty much remained in forward gears, never adjusting the chute for the blowing direction and pretty much looked like the abominable snowman by the time I finished. OOPS!

Day 2 - Feeling a tad more confident, I experienced the power of reverse when it pushed me up against the fence because I never let go of "GO." OOPS!

Day3 - Approaching the machine with an "I got this" attitude, it just would not "turn over." Caving in to the orange colored monster, I woke up the Pres to get the it started. I never turned the key! OOPS!

Day 4 - Unruffled by the fact I just couldn't pull the recoil "fast enough," I, once again, woke the Pres and asked for help, remembering that failure has a lot of power. It can be a great teacher, if you chose to get back up!

Shuffling across the garage floor and looking disgruntled downright cranky, to say the least, he grabbed the orange extension cord hanging on the wall. Quizzically, I said, " What's that for?" He response was short, "Let's try the electric start."

!?@&/!!!¥€£||~!!, came to mind but not out of my mouth!

Plugging in the cord and hitting "this little red button," I was off and blowing! 

That morning was a total success...forward gears, reverse gears, maneuvering the 30" bright orange cluster of metal through the yard, adjusting the height and angle of the chute like a pro!

As of this writing, there hasn't been a Day 5....but, trust me, there will be....more "white magic" is on the way...tonight.

I decided after this series of blowing lessons, I want someone to invent a snowblower that is as light as my 8 lb vacuum cleaner, with the suction power of my vacuum and a big fat chute to expel everything it digests.

So are you with me or without me, said Moon to Copper trotting down the path?

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Anonymous said…
You've got way more snow to look after than we took the easy road this year and took a contract on the driveway.
Monkeywrangler said…
Wow! thats a lot of white stuff there!
EG CameraGirl said…
You DO have a lot of snow!! Pretty soon you'll be an expert. :)
MadSnapper said…
ALL of this for a dog path... YOU Rock... yes, i know you walk the path to but it is for the dogs, right? right?
TexWisGirl said…
quite the list of things to remember!! glad you got it all down! :)
Pamela Gordon said…
Good for you! That is one job I won't learn to do. LOL Are you ready for the big storm? Got your 'storm chips' stocked up? :)
FAB said…
You definitely ROCK JP. All I have is a shovel!!
WOW! You are knee deep in snow at your part of the world. Have a happy St Valentine's weekend.
eileeninmd said…
This would be me, trying hard to make the snowblower work..I am glad you have one there, that snow is deep. Love the cute puppy dogs, at least they are not lost under all the snow yet.. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy Valentine's weekend!
Betty said…
Now if I went to all that trouble it would probably never snow again. Hope it works for you. Sounds like us trying to get the chain saw started yesterday. So many steps and the darn thing still wouldn't start. How about a simple on and off button?
Ginny Hartzler said…
Oh my, you are a brave woman! That is funny about forgetting to turn the key! That is a big piece of machinery to master!!
Nina said…
Oh boy, what a machine to operate ... Well done, with all the "oopsies" :) You will soon get a Master Grade in Snowblowing!
Nina said…
Oh boy, what a machine to operate ... Well done, with all the "oopsies" :) You will soon get a Master Grade in Snowblowing!
Many (many) years ago, I bought one of these heavy duty snow blowers for my father. To the best of my knowledge it is still in the garage at my parents home and hasn't been used in years. Thankfully, where we live we have no need for any of these. And, yes I can understand the comparison to a lightweight vacuum cleaner, JP.
Indie said…
Ha, that sounds a lot like me trying to work our snowblower! I've pretty much gotten the hang of working it after it's been started, but I'm not quite sure I remember how to get it going :) My husband's going to have to talk me through it if he ever goes out of town! Good luck!
Ann Thompson said…
not only would !?@&/!!!¥€£||~!! come to mind but it WOULD have come out of my mouth I'm pretty sure that if I had tried to wake Wade up for that he would have also said a few choice words
Texan said…
Yikes that is simply to much to remember ROFL... can we say call the snow person to come do this? ROFL ROFL kidding.. ermm sorta lol
That little item clears quite a path! Gosh that snow is just SO beautiful..and yes..I hear you are having or about to have more snow. I know to run a snow blower. In Southern up to 78 degree's today. I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.
Felicia said…
LOL JP you will get the hang of it.

be safe.
Stewart M said…
Now thats a gadget I will never need - shame really!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
diane said…
LOL ..... Can't stop laughing. Brought back memories of Tom and I :-D
Happy (snow) blowing!!!
diane @ thoughts & shots
Rambling Woods said…
Lol.... You have a lot of snow there.... Michelle
I honestly believe if women designed mechanical things they would be far easier to use! :-) Sorry about having to deal with all that SNOW!

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