Color Me...Blue

When I read the email, I knew I wanted to be there, so I signed up immediately snow or no snow! Offering a program on Bluebirds, in an effort to continue their comeback, participants would help prepare for the their return by learning about their habitat and build a nesting box!

Not far from home, the James L. Goodwin Conservatin Center offers year round activities, so when I tell you that I hung out with "the forest people," I am referring to the Friends of Goodwin Forest.

To ensure that I would not miss the presentation, I even booked the Pres for a ride to and from just in case I couldn't make it with the Mini.  It seems that our gravel road has now become a luge except it is much wider, of course.

The presentation will be dedicated to the comeback being made by the Eastern Bluebirds here in CT. Thanks to the many individuals who have both encouraged the nesting and feeding of the species.  Although the numbers of European Starlings can (and do) scare them away, thanks to the efforts of many (us included), their return is happening! (Bluebird Basics)

Although I never gave it much thought before, another thing I just Mini is the same color as the Eastern Bluebird!

Needless to say, I was so excited and so looking forward to attending the program, not only to listen to the Wildlife Naturalist on Bluebirds but also to build my own nesting boxes! 

Packing my small camera (so I could share the experience with you later in the week), I had my tools ready...hammer, my # 2 Phillips Head screwdriver and my tape measure...all packed away in my bag...all ready for the next morning.

However, I never made it!

Apparently, I should not have spent so much time chipping ice on the walk and driveway because I re injured my back the day before.

When I attempted to step up to come in the house, the muscle spasms I got were incredible! I barely made it in the door let alone to get the muscle rub and heating pad before I hit the couch. The Pres was not home when it happened and he insisted that I stay put until I totally mend.

Do you know how hard it is for me to stay still?????


Emailing Emma to tell her I would be unable to attend and to give my spot to someone else made me sad....really sad.

Color me blue

Yet, my back was not the real issue.
Saturday morning the Pres was admitted to the hospital via the ER, which is why I haven't been around to visit you.


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eileeninmd said…
Oh wow, both you and the Pres..I hope the Pres is OK and that you recover from your back injury quickly..I blame on it this sucks..

Sending my get well thoughts and prayers..
Linda said…
Bah! Winter! Ready for Spring and healthy friends and family! Sorry to hear about your back and about Pres. Take care of the both of you!!! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
MadSnapper said…
I love your mini and wanted one, but when i sat in it, i could not get up and out of it without struggling because of my back and knees. that means i know what you mean about the spasms and hubby is right, the only thing to do is be still and wait.. usually for me it is 2 days.. so sorry you missed the blue bird thingy and sorry you feel blue
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear you are both under the weather and that you had to miss your seminar. Now....that photo of your car and the looks like a cartoon car doesn't it?
enough is enough...right??
seems like that's just about all you hear lately from those up north.
c'mon spring!!
sorry you missed the People of the Forest mtg...hopefully they'll be more like that, after the big thaw!!
TexWisGirl said…
hoping all will be well.
Breathtaking said…
Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry, I've had those spasm's before and rest is the best way to recover. I hope things get back to normal soon.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Oh NO!! I am so sorry! How are you now? How is the Pres? What is his diagnosis, will he be O.K.? Please keep us updated on him! Your puffed up bluebird is so cute, I am so sorry you had to miss such a special meeting.
Mari said…
I am sorry to hear bout hospitalization and other health concerns. I hope everything goes well and you get well.

I like your blue mini & blue bird's are adorable.
Ann Thompson said…
aw phooey. no fun having to miss something you've been looking forward to. Take care of your back and hope it's better soon. Hope the Pres is doing better too.
Anonymous said…
Ooh! I hope you'll both be better soon.
Well, not good news on either front!! I hope your back is better and that the Pres is on the mend as well.
Barb said…
Hey - that bluebird is supposed to signal happiness, not pain and misery. Take care of yourself and I hope the Pres can soon come home.
Pray you are feeling better soon. Love bluebirds too.
Oh no! I hope your back feels better soon. And I hope the Pres is doing well and back at home.

Your bluebird is just brilliant in his blue.
KayC. said…
Blue Birds in Wyoming mean that spring is here. They are a welcome sign!
I hope you will be better very soon and out looking for Bluebirds again.
Hope you are both better soon! I am so sorry you couldn't make it to the bluebird talk.
K V V S MURTHY said…
The bird is very beautiful.

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