Making The Rounds

Although tired of talking about the weather, here I go again.  It was 48 degrees here Monday afternoon when the UPS truck pulled up.


It was my snowshoes and poles! Even though I was exhausted from my morning workout at the gym, I was psyched! 

The Pres opened the boxes for me and, I'll admit, gazing down at them I wondered what I had gotten myself into at the age of 67. 

Boy was I wrong!!!

What a blast I had traipsing around the yard for about an hour.  I really do wish I had thought of getting these contraptions sooner.  They have these giant sharp teeth underneath that cut right into the ice and I literally "float".  No sinking unexpectedly or jarring my back...amazing!  And when I did sink, it was a gentle sink if you can understand that.

Needless to say, making the rounds was so easy.  Followed by my faithful little Shepherd Husky, Moon, we wandered and wandered, scaling the hills, stepping sideways for practice all while Copper and the Pres basked in the sun on the patio.

Next mission?

The woods...:)

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Oh, one more thing.
Gotta love the tissue hanging out of my pocket, right????


Your snowshoes look like fun, JP, and are something we've been thinking about for next winter. Some folks have told us poles are not needed, but I think they would be helpful. Looking forward to reading more about your snow shoeing walks.
Linda said…
Looks like fun! I won't ever need the snowshoes, but I am convinced the poles help when walking. Even a good stick ( to smack off the snakes around our property in Louisiana!!) helps me stay balanced. Enjoy the remaining snow. We have 82F temp and sun on our balcony in The Netherlands today. Might be summer???? Linda@Wetcreek Blog
MTWaggin said…
You'll enjoy them - I love mine when we actually have snow!
Anonymous said…
Oh, the places you'll go!
Anonymous said…
Nice bush shoes......I used to traipse around on my dads old snowshoes when I as a kid...big fat daddies they had to swing your legs out wide to walk lol.
TexWisGirl said…
hoping your snows last a bit longer for you, then!
Anonymous said…
Your great shape for your age.

Your leg muscles and arms must be
fit to do what you do for your age.

Looking good. Good for you.

I applaud you.
Mary Hone said…
How fun, you are going to love them, I can tell.
MadSnapper said…
tissue is very important to have and wow on the snow shoes. i am betting Murphy will visit and melt all the snow and you will have to wait until next year to use them... oh nooooo don't melt snow
FAB said…
Great fun. See JP ... never too old to learn new tricks!
barbara l. hale said…
Congrats on the snowshoes! I hope you don't get to use them much longer though.
barbara l. hale said…
At least not this year. Break them out in a few months and have at it!
Texan said…
Oh now those look like a great thing! Very fun as well!
Ann Thompson said…
those look way different than the old fashioned snow shoes. You look like you're having a blast
I've always thought snowshoes look like fun.
Sylvia said…
Having fun is always great at any age! Enjoy while you can, the snow should be melting soon.
Happy Outdoors!
EG CameraGirl said…
I applaud you for finding a way to enjoy winter!
Rambling Woods said…
Oh boy..I am so happy they worked out for you!!
Ashling said…
Snow shoes! Have fun!!

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