The Follow-Up

Tuesday we went for the Pres' first follow-up visit to his Cardiologist since he was discharged and yesterday to his regular doctor..    Against his wishes, I wanted to go with him and in a nutshell, this is what happened:

His "numbers" (heart rate) were "on track"...intentionally keeping it LOW to prevent clots in the Atrium from dislodging.

His BP (blood pressure) numbers were "low...too low"...a medication was stopped; he was sent for bloodwork to check electrolyte levels.

His EKG (done at the doctor's office) still showed AFib (irregular heartbeat-very common, high stroke risk).

He will wear a heart monitor (a short time) to verify numbers.

He was scheduled for another TEE (Transesophageal Echocardiogram) to look closely at heart and status of clots, which is what we are trying to "manage" right now.  IF that test is good, then he will have an Electric Cardioversion done the beginning of April in hopes of obtaining a regular heartbeat.

NOTE: While all my questions pertained to his health, including how this thing all started, how rapidly his heart deteriorated, whether or not it was caused by something or genetic, if it can be passed on to his daughter's, etc...all the Pres wanted to know was if he could eat red meat, sausage and kielbasa!!

The doctor responded in two words, "LOW salt"!  

Here's ONE of the problems we are currently facing beside his diagnosis.  The Pres is a "food driven" guy PERIOD!  He wants to eat his favorite things like Kielbasa, sausage, pizza, BBQ ribs, lunch meats and cheeses to name a few so when he brought up the subject of food, it was no surprise.  

The downside of the visit is the continuation of very restricted activity.  He cannot do anything physically taxing.  While exercise is normally good for the heart, it isn't in his case....because of the clots.  "So that means...walk slowly to feed the deer, walk slowly to fill the feeders, walk slowly in the grocery store," stated the doctor.  

So, while I continue to chop icy paths, walks and the driveway, the Pres is resting comfortably watching his favorite shows.  However, I do want to thank all of you for your kind thoughts, words and well wishes.  They are greatly appreciated by both of us!!


MadSnapper said…
thanks for the update, it would be hard to get my hubby to walk slowly and he has the same food habits.. I hope they can get the clots broken up and his heart beating normal soon..
TexWisGirl said…
continued good luck in getting him to change.
FAB said…
Yeah .. we all like to eat things we shouldn't!!

Keeping our fingers crossed for a positive outcome for the Pres.
SENDING LOTS OF HUGS....... take care you you too OK. B
eileeninmd said…
Wishing the Pres is back to normal soon. As normal can be anyway. Good luck to you too..
Linda said…
So sorry that Pres and you and your family are going through this. Take care of each other and "live in the moment." Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Anonymous said…
The words 'change' and 'man' just don't mesh.
Breathtaking said…
A lot of hard work ahead in prepairing menues, but it is all worth it. Good luck, and our thoughts are with you.
Catching up on your blog, and your news. From my corner in northern Virginia, I'm sending healthy, quiet and calm vibes for the Pres and you too!!
Ginny Hartzler said…
Is he taking Cumadin or some kind of blood thinner? Maybe through trial and error you can find some healthy substitutes for his favorites.
E. Beth. said…
glad you gave us an update. i know the hubby went for a check up and they suggested to go gluten free .. i have no clue where to start? i guess on the internet for recipes. this could be interesting. ( :
Betty said…
Now I'm wondering what happened? I knew about the low salt diet, but I haven't been reading blogs much lately and caught the post about the salt, but I missed a bunch of other posts. There's a lot more to this story. I'll have to go back and start reading.
Mimsie said…
I do hope all they intend to do to the Pres. really helps the situation and also that you or someone can talk sense into him about his eating habits. Men can be very stubborn and often think they are unsinkable but, like we weaker sex, they are not. Thoughts with you both.
JP...I didn't know any of this. I'll go back to read a previous post. Salt is a tough one...we can keep our use of it to a minimum but it hides everywhere. Seems your guy loves the saltier meats. I wish you good luck with that and of course...prayers and good wishes on his progress.

Jane xxx
MorningAJ said…
Positive wishes. Sorting out a new regime after any kind of heart disease diagnosis is always tricky. Meds, exercise, diet, all need to be balanced to the point where you do good, but don't do harm. And the balance point is different for everyone.
Make sure you take care of yourself too.
Ann Thompson said…
it's not easy sometimes finding foods to fit in to restricted diets. Not to mention it never ends up tasting as good for some reason. Maybe it's because you know it's not exactly what you want

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