What A Gift

Yesterday, the Pres and I went to get his "birthday gift."

Nothing fancy.

Something simple.

Quite practical too.

His heart monitor.


Here's to many, many more ...:)

So, while it keeps a close eye on the Pres' seventy year old heart, I am keeping an eye on the skies.  Why?

  Because the pair of Eagles was in my yard.  When I came out with the dogs, they were perched on a limb on the South side of the house.  In a split second, one shrieked and they were airborne, sailing and soaring together like two raptors in love!

Of course, that was all before we went to Newport to celebrate the Pres' birthday at

"The Red Parrot Restaurant, where I had the BEST Calamari Caesar Salad with Jalapeno Peppers ever and the Pres enjoyed broiled Lobster/Sole with Jasmine Rice!

(Needless to say, the only "fence" I have is the one on the bridge when we were leaving the island.)

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EG CameraGirl said…
Happy birthday to the Pres! And I bet the heart monitor was much appreciated by both of you.
MadSnapper said…
Happy birthday and my heart is 70 also. hope that monitor shows nothing is wrong. the sky pics are stunning
FAB said…
JP please pass on my Birthday Greetings to the Pres.

Super skies.
Monkeywrangler said…
Happy birthday to the Pres! I hope he does not find the HRM to be restrictive, and that it helps you both keep him healthy!
Anonymous said…
happy Birthday to the Pres and many many more. Hope this comes out okay because I'm typing blind again.
Betty said…
Happy Birthday to the Pres!

That sky is beautiful! Love the dark blue sky and those fluffy white clouds.

You're talking about Newport, RI? You must be pretty close. Someday I'll look at a map. :) Spent time there many years ago when my husband was in Navy OCS.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful sky shots! Hopefully the heart monitor will mean many more healthy years ahead.
TexWisGirl said…
happy birthday, pres!! happy monitoring to your heart, too!

thanks, in advance, for the fence!!
E. Beth. said…
you make me smile. it is the small things in life that you find happiness in. i am thinking i need a nap. lately i just can not seem to sleep when it is time and when i am awake i feel tired. get it together body. nuts. i tell ya. nuts!!

have you taken that mini out again? ( :
Ginny Hartzler said…
Your sky is beautiful! Does the monitor connect o the hospital? I wore one once and I put it up to the phone at bedtime and called a special number...it would download to the heart doctor.
Rambling Woods said…
Happy Birthday and many more!!!!
Ann Thompson said…
Happy Birthday to the Pres.
Such a pretty sky, love the way the clouds look
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday to the Pres and thank you for watering my mouth by telling me what you all had for dinner. Now here I sit... ;)
Love that sky! Never seen anything like that! :))
Have a beautiful day

Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to the Pres! The heart monitor is a thoughtful and loving gift.
Inger said…
Happy Birthday to the Pres! And eagles -- in your yard!!! How wonderful is that?
Felicia said…
hope the old ticker is ok.

great skies.
Lovely skies...happy B-Day and good health to you and yours!
Our best wishes to Joe and hope he celebrates the whole year because you are only 70 once!
Rajesh said…
Beautiful cloud formations in the sky.
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
What a gift, a heart rate monitor! Beautiful skies and lunch sounds grand.
Mimsie said…
Happy birthday to the Pres and many returns too.
Let's hope the heart monitor tells what everyone wants to know about that loving heart of his.
I can't imagine having eagles flying around our home but we do have very blue skies much of the year and yours are a lovely colour but I also like the fluffy white clouds too.
Happy birthday to him! :-)

I would like to try that salad.
Photos by Stan said…
Such an unusual cloud pattern... looks like a recently plowed field. So, great catch. Happy B-day and good health to the Pres.
fredamans said…
Amazing clouds. Reminds me of ribs.
Laura said…
Beautiful skies and loving birthday gift too from one heart to another.

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