Counting The Days

Emailing the weekly activity of the Eagles to DEEP has consisted mainly of sightings or sounds heard from the nesting area.  However, after last week's email, it was suggested that I walk in to see if they are "on eggs."

Judging by the Eagles' behavior, I guessed they were, which was good enough for me.  Not wanting to disturb them and risk abandoning the nest, I intentionally had not gone in.  However, on the afternoon of the March 25th at 5:20pm, I trudged through the snow and took a few pix of the nest.  

It wasn't until I got home, imported the photos and zoomed and cropped a few times that I spotted what appears to be a beak and white head.  Sitting "low" the adult would be on eggs.  If it were sitting a tad higher, then it would be brooding chicks.

Not only are these pix are taken from 110 yards away, my angles are limited due to tree cover.  Once the leaves are out, my view is restricted nearly entirely.  I have also observed what appears to be their routine for relieving each other.

Counting the days...

Sharing a few facts with you and those at

Wild Bird Wednesday

Nature's Notes

Did you know that Eagles:

 will sit on eggs 34-35 days
know how long they can be off the eggs so, on occasion, both adults can be seen off the eggs
both adults share the responsibility of sitting on eggs
eggs will hatch typically 3 days apart
will ball up their talons to avoid damaging eggs


eileeninmd said…
It is cool to watch the eagles nest.. I hope all goes well. Great info, thanks for sharing. Have a happy day!
Linda said…
It isn't far that you can see the best and most beautiful turkeys AND the wonderful eagles nesting. Happy bird watching! Hope your Pres is feeling much better. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
MadSnapper said…
I knew none of the above about eagles.. and i do so wish that having a baby was only 35 days instead of 9 months. LOL..
very interesting. so this means there should be babies in that nest in a few weeks.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Wow. These nests are certainly tucked away in the tree foliage wel.. What an incredible find. I'd be watching closely too.
TexWisGirl said…
glad they're nesting!
Anonymous said…
That would be interesting to watch daily.

Great find.
Ginny Hartzler said…
This whole process is so exciting!!
So the watch is on again! Interesting facts about the eagles and when I viewed a camera on a nest it was evident how careful the adults are when they sit back on the hatched babies.
Ann Thompson said…
You have an "eagle" eye. Even with you telling us what you saw in the picture I still can't spot it.
FAB said…
You are very lucky to be able to watch and witness their nesting progress.
We had a couple of Eagles out at the lake when we lived there, miss them... Have a blessed Easter.
Anonymous said…
Exciting times.
Anonymous said…
Exciting times.
Wow...I have seen Eagle babies before but not this young. Thank you for posting this wonderful shot.
Rambling Woods said…
Oh how exciting to be able to visit and watch (as best you can) the progress of this awesome bird. They are such devoted parents...wonderful treat.. Michelle
Mimsie said…
Eagles are fascinating birds. There are none in the metro area of Perth but I remember years ago when driving in the country an eagle swooped down and flew along the road a bout 300 yards ahead of our car. The wing span was so great that it virtually reached to each side of the (one lane) road.
Thank you for all the eagle facts too.
Very exciting! You'll be able to see them a lot better soon as they grow and start branching, I think it's called. I'm a rank amateur! Just know what I read on the bird blogs, but it is affording me quite an education!
Molly said…
How exciting, what a wonderful thing to get to see in action


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