Feeling Confined

Yesterday, after a week of recording the Pres' numbers, we went to the Cardiologist.  The nurse had done an EKG and it was apparent to me that something was wrong, yet the Pres did not see it.

Entering the room with his welcoming grin, The Good Doctor asked, So, how are you feeling?

The Pres replied Good.

Sighing, The Good Doctor responded, Well, your EKG shows you're back in A Fib.  

Sitting in silent observation, I glanced at the Pres.  It was heartbreaking to see the look on his face...just heartbreaking!  Leaning in toward the The Good Doctor, I said in a whisper, He's really disappointed, can you tell?

When you left the hospital last week your heart rate was normal.  I know this is not what we hoped for so we will increase the medication for four days, then resume the original dose and I'll see you at the hospital next week for another "shock."

The Pres, who appeared crushed, said, Oh...and I was going to ask you if my restrictions could be lifted.

Unfortunately no...said The Good Doctor.

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Anonymous said…
He's a'gonna be cranky.
MadSnapper said…
so sorry.. hope the increased dosage will work.. and i know you are both feeling just as confined as this bull is..
eileeninmd said…
So sorry, I hope the new dosage works.. Great fence shot! Enjoy your day..
21 Wits said…
I sure do hope your pres gets back to his good old self quickly! Your photo rocks, what a cutie!
Ugh, sorry to hear of his setback! And the gloomy New England days we've had lately don't help the mood!

Linda said…
Be strong! Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Mary Hone said…
I hope the increase in meds work. It's so hard to be told you can't do something.
My heart took a SLAM when I read this...but the meds are going to work and he is going to be fine and the restrictions will be lifted in in time.
Because I said so!! :) Hang on, you two, the gate will open.
I've walked a mile in your moccasins.
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear this!
EG CameraGirl said…
Oh, not the good news he was hoping for. I don't blame him for feeling disappointed.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Oh no! I am so sorry!!! I will continue praying for him, and please continue to keep us informed.
TexWisGirl said…
sorry about that. yes, i can imagine he's pacing and antsy.

thanks for linking when you get a chance!
Felicia said…
So sorry for the bad new. Yes I'm sure Pres is feeling confined.

Hang in there Pres.
MTWaggin said…
Oh bummer but healing prayers coming your way and they WILL get it figured out I know they will.
Ann Thompson said…
Aw, sorry to hear that. What a way to ruin his day. Hope the change in dosage does the trick
Gayle said…
So hard to watch them age right before our eyes.
I am thankful everyday for the internet especially when we are 'fenced' in for a period of time.
Anonymous said…
Hoping for the best for your husband and you.
I've been out of town for awhile and haven't been able to keep up with blogging -- So sorry to come back and read the news. I'll also hope the change in meds helps, and that feeling of "confinement" goes away too! Take care, and know I'm sending lots of good vibes and prayers too!!
Annesphamily said…
Lots of prayers for you both. It is tough having a setback!I hope everything works out with the new dosing. Your fence is just great! Thanks for sharing.
Ida said…
So not the news you wanted to hear for sure. Still praying for a better outcome. Nice shot of the cow behind the fence.
Sending prayers...and keep "keeping" him in line! ;-)

Jane xxx
Sorry you did not get better news but the tablets will do the job.
Poor guy. That is a rough disappointment indeed.
Sorry for the setback. Hope things can be fine tuned. Give the Pres my best.
Rambling Woods said…
Oh that must be so frustrating.... Sorry
Mimsie said…
That setback for the Pres is so disappointing and I can understand his (and your) reaction to the news. Can only hope the increased meds will help and next week's result will be one you both (and the doctor) are looking for.
Thinking of you both. Hugs.

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