In Which Direction

Regardless of the direction, there is always something going on here...always...
thanks to Mother Earth.  

For instance, I just returned from walking down to get the mail and the paper.  Sounds pretty routine and mundane, right?


Once in the yard, I noticed a few things.

The Sedums are coming along nicely...all of the small pieces I stuck here and there on the stone walls are doing well.


The Crocus' have begun to pop...:)

The mosses I found in the woods are all thriving and seem love the North side of the house.

To our South are the Eagles, which you all know about already.  The eggs should be hatching long before Mother's Day.  

For us and new this year, which I'm really not thrilled about, is the Crows' nest in a tall pine to our West.  They are such noisy critters and very pesky too...especially to the Eagles when food is brought to the nest by the mate.

Anyway, once inside and after giving the paper and mail to the Pres, I sat down to write this post.  

Then, there was something that caught my eye.  There, to the East was this...

No, no...look beyond the Geraniums. 

There at the base of the tree...a bit of movement out of the corner of my eye.

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 Earth Day is April 22nd.
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Anonymous said…
You've got sharp eyes.
TexWisGirl said…
adorable chippy! and happy new growth!
Linda said…
Must be a chipmunk. We don't have them down here, but I remember feeding them back in 1990 in New Mexico when we were on vacation. Glad to see Spring has finally sprung at your place. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Ginny Hartzler said…
I little chipmunk! The perfect ending to a very good post! You have so many pretty and fun things to look at, and all in your own yard!
E. Beth. said…
i love chipmunks. what i always wonder about is - they speak about now moss grows on the North side of things? right? i know i didn't make that up - some one said that some where along the lines. any who ... it is not true. moss grows where it wants to. very cool - i love moss. ( :
Gayle said…
Great variety of sedum. Chipmunks have such nice markings.
VioletSky said…
Who can not adore a chipmunk?!
How lucky you are...I would have the camera permanently attached to my neck!!!

The chipmunks are adorable...we don't have them in the city but they are fun to watch at the lake (when they are not burrowing under our patio making it treacherous!).

Jane xxx
Irma said…
Great pictures.
I love the little squirrel.
eileeninmd said…
The new growth is wonderful and I love the cute chipper! Have a happy day!
Mimsie said…
Thank you so much for sharing so much of your wonderful world with we suburban folk.
I also am always amazed at the way new life makes it way after the heavy snowfalls you have as we in Perth never have snow so everything is always green. We don't really have any deciduous trees so not much autumn colour at this time of year for us either.
EG CameraGirl said…
How lovely to see the sedums!!
Love this post JP..
I was looking and looking beyond the flowers and i couldnt see.. then went in closer and saw something.. i said it could be a squirrel as I know you get them ..and sure enough its a tiny little squirrel.. oh so cute.
I never knew the name of the little plants some I have like you... now I know they are sedums.. i have one that is growing bigger each year.. i love it.
val x
carol l mckenna said…
Wonderful series of Spring photos ~ Favorite is the little chipmunk! What a photographic capture!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol
Beauty and wonder in every direction! I love it!
Ann Thompson said…
it's so exciting see the first signs of spring. Silly me, I was looking at the geraniums. The chipmunk is so cute.
Candy C. said…
There is always so much going on if we only take the time to notice! Love the little chipmunk!
That chipmunk is so cute!
Anonymous said…
What an adorable little chipmunk!
MadSnapper said…
spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. i love the moss.. and the little striped critter.
Rambling Woods said…
Being observant has its rewards.....
Ida said…
I love how one can take a walk even around their own home and notice new things each time like you did here. I would so love to have Eagles in my neighborhood. What's funny is I feed Crows - They are noisy but so fun to watch.
Loved that darling chipmunk.

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