Life's Parking Lots

 Yesterday, I struggled with whether or not I should go to a reunion of my peers when I worked at the bank.  I had gone last year and saw folks I hadn't seen in years which was in the back of my mind all morning, while I picked up garbage for Earth Day.

When I had finished the task at hand, my back was killing me from the constant bending and leaning, yet when I picked up the paper and read my horoscope..."leave yourself some time at the end of the day to enjoy pleasant recreation or to spend time with someone you love," I knew I had to go.

Leaving my house extra early and planning on stopping to visit a life-long friend and fellow co-worker along the way, I snapped this quick pic of an awesome fence I passed to share with you and everyone at 

Good Fences

However, taking me much longer that it normally does because the highways were literally parking lots, I, once again said to myself, "You know, dummy, it's an hour and half one way, then another hour and half to get home.  May be you should just turn around now."

But I didn't.

Fast forward now to arriving and seeing many of the wonderful people that I once worked with congregated in the lounge.  Giving hugs, trading stories and memories, it was wonderful.  Soon, the lounge became a parking lot too.  Yet regardless of where I turned, there was another person to hug and kiss on the cheek!!

Laughing, smiling, chatting through dinner, with hugs and farewells for dessert, a very close friend and fellow co-worker handed me her business card.  

This morning when I went to my purse to get it, it was gone.  Frantically thinking I'd lost it, I went out to my car.  There it was, resting comfortably on the floor mat.  It, too, had found it's own parking lot.

Sharing with you and those at

Dedicated to all those I saw last night.


MadSnapper said…
sounds like you were more than glad you made the trip through the moving parking lots... beautiful fence shot to
TexWisGirl said…
a nice view thru the trees. glad you went to your bank reunion.

thanks for linking when you have time!
Ann Thompson said…
Glad you had a good time and didn't decide to turn around and go back home
Anonymous said…
Seems like everything worked out well for you. A lovely fence scene.
LV said…
Glad it worked out for you. Sometimes, the harder you try the better it is.
Funny...when we push ourselves, we later think how good it was that we had the experience and what if we hadn't? Good for you!

I looked closely at the horoscope as I'm an Aquarius. I've never invested much thought in horoscopes until I started reading mine on Yahoo, my home page. They are always inspirational and totally spot on. I actually somewhat plan my day based on them.

Jane x
Jeanne said…
So good that you made the effort and that after that long drive, you really did enjoy your self. Also great that you found your purse... I was worried you were about to say you had to drive back the next day. LOL
Ida said…
That is a pretty view through the trees. How nice that you went and had a good time visiting old friends. Sometimes that's just what a person needs to refresh themselves.
I love the light peeping through the tree in the fence shot. Glad to went to the reunion.
eileeninmd said…
JP, nice fence shot.. So happy you went to the reunion. Sounds like you had a great time..Have a happy Friday & weekend!
Happy your day turned out well! Lovely fence shot.
Betty said…
Oh dear...I'm a Capricorn too and I never finish what I start. I'm the Queen of unfinished projects. Glad you had a good time!
I must have a little social phobia because I really have to force myself to go to reunions and such. I generally have fun if I can force myself to go! Kudos to you for not turning around!!

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