Plain and Simple

It's plain and simple.
The birds out our way have quite an array of housing to choose from.

As you can see, we don't go for all the fancy decorated and painted houses.
In fact, the birdhouse in the above photo with the "North" sign under it, was modified by a few of our fine feathered friends a few years ago.  Apparently they wanted a picture window.

Now although we have no fancy houses, what we do provide in addition to the small creek, are trees, shrubs and berry producing bushes that give them a little extra nutrition.  Blueberries, raspberries, Pyracantha, along with a variety of shrubs and perennials to attract the bees and Hummingbirds are scattered throughout the yard for their enjoyment.  

We prefer the plain and simple.  You know the weathered and worn, like naturale.  And, as you can see, the male Eastern Bluebird who has a mouth full seems to appreciate it...:)

The past few days that's what I've been up to...
giving them a plain and simple welcome.

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eileeninmd said…
I love the bluebird. Simple and natural is good to me! It will be neat to see the baby blues.. Have a happy day and week ahead!
Gayle said…
Hi Eileen,
Imagine my surprise to see your birdhouses. Our eye for photos must have been roving in the same direction this week.
Have a Great Day.
MadSnapper said…
your bird community has a choice for every one, i love the gourd and also love the rustic
Ginny Hartzler said…
Have you seen the new thing in birdhouses? They are made of felt! Apparently the bird can pick off tiny pieces for his nest if he wants. There are many different kinds and shapes. TWENTY FIVE dollars!! None for us! You snapped the bluebird at just the right time! SO cute!
TexWisGirl said…
i make some very rugged / rustic houses for my birds around here. i call them 'cabins' because birdy slum lord doesn't sound so good.
Anonymous said…
What fine houses to choose from!
Ann Thompson said…
Rustic living is all the rage and the birds seem to want to get in on the trend :)
Starry Dawn said…
Hi JP,

I love birds!
Your birds' feeders are so pretty,
and they keep the birds warm
in cold days.
They serve as the birds' nest too.
Your bird community is wonderful.
God bless you, JP, family, loved ones.
Greetings from Starry.
Donna said…
I also love the plain and rustic birdhouses
Pamela Gordon said…
Have the bluebirds arrived there already? I heard the tree swallows are returned to our area. I guess we'd better get the bluebird house ready soon. You have a nice variety of birdhouses.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a great place for birds!
Bee Lady said…
We have a tree in our front yard that has some huge dead limbs. We just leave it and the birds love it. We have bluebirds too. They are so pretty. I have painted a bunch of gourds and turned them into birdhouses. They are hanging all over the beeyard. I love the bright colors in the winter months.

Cindy Bee
Mimsie said…
I wonder if country people in Australia also have bird houses? I doubt it as our weather is usually quite clement although in Victoria and Tasmania they do have snow in the high country during winter.
An interesting thought and the range of bird houses you show are wonderful.
Thank you for sharing them with us.
so lovely to see the blue bird..
Your bird houses are really nice.. i would love to put some around. They are difficult to find here.
happy week JP.
val x
Simple and natural is my preference as well and your birdhouses are lovely.
Simple and natural is my preference as well and your birdhouses are lovely.
Simple is good and I'm sure it works the same for birds that any house can be made a home.
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday JP.
Rambling Woods said…
Nice to be able to enjoy the nesting season... Nothing wrong with simple.... Michelle
Sounds like an oasis to me!

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