Meet The Locals

Blogging has taught me a lot.  Well actually, my followers have taught me a lot.

For instance, thanks to Eileen, I learned to look for Pine Siskins.

So tell me.

Is that, in fact, a Pine Siskin?

From a bunch of blogger friends (Tex, Lisa, Gail) I learned about snakes...good ones, bad ones.

So when this little one was hanging out in the leaf litter near the fence, I didn't bat an eye.  In fact, it's nice to see it  getting bigger each day.

Good to have around...:)

And then someone out there told me to watch for the scout to show up before the the others.

Sure enough, not long ago the scout showed up and sat on his old perch in front of the fence.  The sugar water was ready and waiting to satisfy his pallet.

The  Eastern Phoebe, who also loves the fences, comes every year and builds a nest on the ledge of the pillar on front porch.  And every year, either the kids fall out or the nest falls down and it breaks my heart to see the little ones perish after they work so hard to build. knew there was a HOWEVER, right?

Well, this year, thanks to the addition of the new garage and it's exterior staircase, the Easter Phoebes have built in a much safer, more protected location.  It should make for great child rearing.

Sharing a few of the locals with you and those at

Oh, and the fences?  Thanks to the Pres, they're local too!


eileeninmd said…
Hi JP, I think your brown finch on the first shot is a female Purple Finch. I love your cute hummer and the fence shots. I guess the snake is great to have around, as long as it leaves the birds nest alone. Have a happy day!
MadSnapper said…
I love your fence and your garden behind it.. i can recognize maybe 10 birds if that.. and if you tell me the name, i will not remember it the next day. but tell me your dogs breed or name and i have it...
Can't tell for sure about the little brown bird. Would love to see a good shot of the beak and face. Whatever, enjoy them.
Angela said…
I agree with you JP that you can learn a lot from the different bloggers out there! I know I have and hope to continue to learn more. I love all of the different critters around your yard. The snake would only bother me because I have an 11 year old boy that plays in the yard. Other than that I probably would never know it was out there! lol
TexWisGirl said…
i'd trust eileen on her i.d. i was going to say maybe a female house finch, but she's seen the purple finches which i don't get. cute snake. cute hummer scout! :) good fences all around!
Ginny Hartzler said…
I love these two last pictures of your beautiful back yard! I cannot tell Siskins from sparrows. We have house finches that build a nest very low in a bush up against our house. They are doing this now. But it never lasts. Probably one of the many cats around here. Our cats enjoy watching them from the door. Eww, snakes! You are brave and confident.
Ann Thompson said…
I've never seen a pine siskin but the birds in the first picture looks like a finch to me
So much to learn from others. The benefits of blogging.
EG CameraGirl said…
Lucky you to have an Eastern Phoebe! I love the songs they sing.
Anonymous said…
What adorable locals!
Also not familiar with pine siskin, but have seen a lot of finches at the VA feeders which looked similar. No feeders here in NH, so nice to see yours, JP.
Rambling Woods said…
I agree, I learn a lot.... I see Eileen said it looks like a female purple finch. The Siskin is the same size as the goldfinch..
Anonymous said…
Love the fenced in flower garden.
Felicia said…
lots of pretty images.

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