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The past few weeks, our world has been...well, busy, to say the least. So, if you've missed me, that's where yours truly has been...preoccupied with other things...not merely hanging around.

Luke, our friend and neighbor, talked to his boss and got the Pres a little job! Well, although yours truly was skeptical at first about it being "light duty and nothing strenuous," it really is. And yes, it was cleared with the Cardiologist.

Each morning the Pres goes off to work returning late in the afternoon which has given yours truly the time to clean up the yard, plant some annuals, some seed and fix a few things that just needed fixing as well as ripping out briers here and there.

Then in the midst of it all there was a bridal shower to attend, a First Communion for our nine year old granddaughter, and going to visit our eldest grandson who we hadn't seen in a few years. Then we delivered a yard of top soil to my son's after he came out here and shoveled it onto the trailer, knowing that the Pres cannot do anything strenuous. Thus far, he's holding his own and has no A-Fib. Of course, the longer we can keep that at bay, the more chance his heart has to rebound and become strong enough for surgery not too far down the road.

This week, the Pres (accompanied by yours truly) goes for another Echo-cardiogram and then next week, we are hoping to touch base with the surgeon who will give us "the good, the bad and the ugly" .

In addition to all those things, we took time out to have a 20 foot retractable awning put on the South side of the house. While we were shopping around and comparing prices, Luke and Laura suggest a local place who does a lot of the commercial awnings. Talk about customer service!! Sure, their price was a tad higher, but the quality of the workmanship and end result can clearly be seen!!

Speaking of workmanship, it seems that "Red" really enjoys Percy's Place, which was a real mess after the Winter. At least now, he's got a few plants coming up and the majority of the leaf litter has been removed by yours truly.



Anyway, that's what we've been up to here in

Our World

stay in touch,



TexWisGirl said…
you've been busy!
MadSnapper said…
really really busy week. hope there is more good than bad and ugly at the doc visit. that squirrel is just to cute for words and that last photo is gorgoeus
FAB said…
I trust the 'Red' appreciates all your hard work.

FAB said…
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Barb said…
You've been busy and it sounds like Pres is, too. I love Percy's Place - would like to do something like that in my back garden for the Grands.
Ginny Hartzler said…
I love the little fairy Garden, and hope that Mr. Red does not try to wreck it! What kind of job is the Pres doing? I think he will be very glad to not sit around all day
Ann Thompson said…
I bet the Pres is thrilled to have a job to go to even if it is light duty. That's got to be tough not being able to do things he's used to doing.
We've been wanting a retractable awning for our deck. Possibly this year.
Pamela Gordon said…
You have been very busy this week or so and I'm glad your husband is able to do a little bit of work on the side that won't harm him. I hope he gets good reports from his doctor this week. A retractable awning would be very nice. Take care.
Anonymous said…
Wow..that 'Yours Truly' chick has been some busy.
Mimsie said…
Busy time for one and all. Great the Pres has a light job to keep him happy (and you too).
That little red squirrel is gorgeous and he certainly seems happy with Percy's Place.
Hope all goes well with next visit to doctor and that heart keeps on behaving.
Sometimes it is worth paying that little bit extra to get good service and a better product. Hope that all goes well too.
Rambling Woods said…
Very busy week? I'm sure that the Prez is happier with something to do..... Hopefully he follows the rules

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