The Woods

When we moved here, the woods made room for us.

So now, I love making room for the woods.

Using rocks as the borders, each flower bed has both perennials and wildflowers.

They have learned to meld and co-exist.  I encourage it.  As you can see, the nearly spent Daffs make room for Jack-in-the Pulpit, which I love!

Persicaria (Painter's Palette), several varieties of Hosta and Ajuga work well with the Ostrich Ferns, Adder's Tongue and dainty Bluets.  

Can you tell I love the woods?


Ann said…
The woods made room for you, you made room for the woods and now you are as one :)
I think you coexist very nicely.
Oh Fiddle heads:) I love Jack he is so handsome:) Great shots. Hug B
eileeninmd said…
It is nice to coexist. I love ferns! Have a happy day and week ahead!
Anonymous said…
What beautiful, healthy 'greens'. Lovely.
MadSnapper said…
I love the woods to and you have so much beauty in yours. the plant i love the most in your pics today are the curly ferns.. i love ferns, all ferns
EG CameraGirl said…
It's wonderful to see the woods come alive with greenery!
MTWaggin said…
I love the mosaics of the new life - so very pretty!
Anonymous said…
Oh, what a lovely garden and woods.
Very interesting and such awesome plants! Is the first picture-top right also Jack-In-The-Pulpit? I've never seen it before. I have an area of my backyard that I call my Woodland Garden because of all the shade I have. I mostly have bleeding heart and lily of the valley and would love to add more shady-loving plants.

So glad to see you post and so glad I didn't miss it! ;-)

Jane x
Ginny Hartzler said…
A woodsy garden! I love the little ferns unwinding! So wonderful and natural.
Leora said…
Such wonderful things you find in your woods!
Felicia said…
oh yes, me too. great captures
Thelma said…
I love the woods too. You have made a nice combination of flowers. Nice photos. Thelma xo
I can tell you love the woods and the woodland gardens I've created are my favourites. At least when you plant natives, you know they'll stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at us.
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday JP.
Mimsie said…
Oh what a delight to live n such a wondrous place and how green everything is. The coming of spring in your world is so lovely and so unlike our world in Western Australia.
Thank you for sharing such splendour.
I CAN tell you love them and I think it is wonderful the way you've integrated the woods with your home/yard. The first sentence of your post is beautiful.
NCSue said…
Stopping by from Nature Notes.
I wanted to invite you to join us at - you have some lovely photos!
Rambling Woods said…
I too love the woods and I really enjoyed your photos and all the green... Yea .. we had a frost here last night...Michelle

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